Classical crystal report Design -- remove the chart's External Frame

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I have to ask you for help again. The attached report is the exported report. The chart is made of two charts and is extended to the details. Therefore, I cannot control the format when exporting to excel. My boss does not want to see the black border. I can't do anything about it. I hope you can give me some valuable comments again.
The crystal report designer of CR 9 is required. Cr in vs. Net does not have a command selected (Chart option sub-menu ).
1. Click "chart", click the blank area of the "Bar Chart", and select "Bar Chart". Eight black spots are displayed, and the positions are inside the "chart" and outside the "Bar Chart;
2. Right-click "Bar Chart" and choose "chart options"> "selected project" to enter "formatting ......" Dialog box;
3. Select the "line" tab and click "Transparent" under "color ".
If there are still some "lines" remaining, click to select the "line" (it is very difficult to select. You must change the position multiple times !), Right-click "line" and repeat steps 2 and 3 ......
1. Select the command (Chart option sub-menu)
You can use the "selected items" command to format the font, line, and fill specifications of objects on the chart.

2. Chart option sub-menu
Use the commands on the "format Chart" submenu to apply a new template to a chart, change the template type of the chart, change the chart title, and change the number axis mesh and ruler of the chart, perform any other formatting operations specific to the chart type and define the view angle of the chart.
The commands on the "format Chart" submenu include:
Template command (Chart option sub-menu)
General commands (Chart option sub-menu)
Title command (Chart option sub-menu)
Series commands (Chart option sub-menu)
Grid command (Chart option sub-menu)
Select command (Chart option sub-menu)
View Angle commands (Chart option sub-menu)

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