Classification of design Patterns

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Design pattern: pattern is a solution to the problem, it has been applied to a practical environment. And can be applied to other environments.

Classification of GOF Design patterns:
Classification by objective criteria:
1. Create: Creational is related to the creation of objects.
2. Structural type: Structural a combination of classes or objects.
3. Behavioral: Behavioral Describes how classes or objects interact and assigns responsibilities.
Create pattern
1. Abstract Factory mode Abstractfactory
2. Builder Mode Builders
3. Factory mode Factory method
4. Prototype Mode Prototype
5. Single case Mode Singleton
Structural mode
1. Adapter Mode Adapter
2. Bridging Mode Bridge
3. Combination Mode Composite
4. Decorative Mode Decorator
5. Appearance mode facade
6. Enjoy meta-mode Flyweight
7. Agent Mode Proxy
Behavioral patterns
1. Responsibility chain mode Chain of Responsibility
2. Order Mode command
3. Interpreter Mode Interpreter
4. Iterator Mode Iterator
5. Broker Mode Mediator
6. Memo Mode Memento
7. Observer Mode Observer
8. Status Mode state
9. Policy Mode Strategy
10. Template Method Mode
11. Visitor Mode Visitor

Classification of design Patterns

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