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(Both species and classification are considered as nodes .)

There is an unknown tree. One person asks for two leaf nodes each time, and the other person answers his/her LCA questions to determine whether there is a conflict between the answers.


Sort each statement in ascending order of the depth of the LCA, and then scan the statement and check the set.

For example, if we get this statement: x y a, we can find the root node x_father y_father of XY. Because it is based on the depth of a from deep to shallow, so a must be the ancestor of x_father and y_father. Then we will discuss the possibility of this classification:

1. A is one of X (y) _ father:

1. x_father and y_father are both a: OK;

2. If x_father is equal to a, depth (y_father) must be greater than depth (A), and vice versa.

2. A is not one of X (y) _ father:

1. x_father and y_father are the same :! OK; (x_father = y_father indicates that the shaltest to shallow of xy is x_father, and depth (a) <= depth (x_father) &! = X_father => depth (a) <depth (x_father), so XY's LCA should not be)

2. x_father and y_father are different: As long as depth (a) <depth (x_father) & depth (a) <depth (y_father.

If it is correct after the discussion, check the set and continue.

There is a conflict in the middle, that is, wrong. If there is no conflict, a feasible solution can be provided based on the parallel process, maybe right.

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