Classification of wooden Furniture

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The wooden furniture is popular in the modern interior design, its smooth structure line and the texture color of the material itself, together exudes the charming charm. Chinese furniture, as traditional Chinese culture, is admired by the temperament: restrained and noble demeanor revealed in the details. and Chinese furniture more to all solid wood, Zhengzhou office furniture Recycling network will be wood according to the degree of solidity into hardwood and cork.
Sophisticated ancient furniture used more hardwood, most of them dense solid, color yajing, vivid and gorgeous pattern. Because of the wood stability of hardwood, the furniture made of the spread of time is also very long. And now the common hardwood has rosewood, Huanghua pear, chicken wings and acid sticks and so on.
1. Rosewood: Rosewood Since ancient times, Rosewood is considered to be the most valuable wood, its solid texture, and slow production speed, whether it is raw materials or furniture on the material, it is difficult to more than a foot. Therefore, most of the furniture is made of several joints, such as the appearance of the entire plate is very precious rare. The red sandalwood color is mostly purple black, almost does not see the texture, but exudes the solemn noble but is the other wood incomparable.
2. Huanghua Pear: Most of the yellow pear appears on the Ming-style furniture. Yellow pear wood dense, color from light yellow to dark brown, texture or hidden or present, vivid and changeable. In general, the longer the use of yellow pear furniture, color instead of brighter, more suitable for modern space.
3. Chicken Wings Wood: chicken Wing wood is the same as other hardwood, its texture is solid, texture purple-brown and delicate, slender and moving. Later, when used, it makes the lines more fluent and injects new ideas into the tradition.
4. Acid branch: The real Good Acid branch is similar to the red sandalwood, but the luster and the color is slightly pale, the color is warm, its output is also more, often used to make furniture.
Cork (also known as water pine) to high-quality natural oak skin as raw materials, with unique physical and chemical properties: natural color, non-rot, non-toxic tasteless, moisture and water resistance, oil and acid resistance (dilute), full of elasticity, anti-skid wear-resistant, heat insulation, noise damping, smoke self-extinguishing, antistatic, non-stick dust and For families. The school. Entertainment screen message, catering industry, printing products, crafts jewelry, gift toys, mechanical sealing pads. Friction film, electrical mats, shoes, luggage packaging, glass protection mats and other industries. According to customer demand design and processing production (gum, coating, die-cutting, cutting, screen printing, printing, deep processing) high-quality production process products.

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Classification of wooden Furniture

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