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Cleanreg is a powerful registry editing and Maintenance tool. The first time that you run, Cleanreg will be a thorough scan of the current registry, this process will delay some time, so when you find the machine in 2-3 minutes without response, do not worry about restarting the system. When the registry scan is complete, Cleanreg uses five child windows to display the relevant system information, and you can also edit and modify the registry in these windows to maintain the system.

1, Cleanreg (Clean up the registration form)

In this window, the program has provided you with an invalid garbage file in the registry, including the file records you have previously opened, the primary key that remains in the registry after you delete the software, the invalid DLL dynamic connection library file, and so on. At this point you simply select the appropriate files and press the Del button to remove them so that you can clean the registry thoroughly, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

2. Undo (Cancel)

If there is a deletion of the file when the registry is cleaned up, you can browse the previous file information under the Undo window and restore the selected registry information and files.

3, all file in Registry (files in the registry)

This shows all the files in the current system and their corresponding locations in the registry. You may think that this window does not seem to be very useful, but for those who want to study the registry thoroughly, through this window can touch each file corresponding to the registry location, so the master must go to see the place.

4, Registry (registry window)

This is a bit like the Registry Editor under Windows, but it's a big difference from Registry Editor, primarily to provide more detailed information. For example, we commonly used in the netants, in this window has the path, language type, version and many other items, you can directly view. It can also be deleted and emptied of key values, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

In the actual use of the process, the author found that cleanreg for the registry's Junk file Lookup function is very powerful, such as you originally opened a text file on the desktop, but after viewing the file deleted it, but this information has been saved in the registry. Over time, this type of nonexistent file to view a lot of records, they occupy a certain space in the registry, not only caused by the size of the registry is very large, but also lead to slow system startup speed, program running delay and so on, So with the help of Cleanreg, you can completely find out all of these junk files and empty them. (Computer enthusiasts)
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