Clear junk and cached BAT files from drive C

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When the system is running, it will produce a lot of system garbage and cache. For example, when we watch movies online on a video website, it seems that we haven't downloaded anything, in fact, cache files are being installed in the system. Over time, the C disk will become larger and larger. I used to clear 8 GB of system garbage and cache in my neighbor's computer, but I thought how much system garbage there was on that computer. However, no matter how many GB you have, the following batch processing file will disappear in dozens of seconds.
First, create a text document on a non-system disk and copy it to the following code:

@ Echo off ECHO: The System junk file is being cleared. Please wait ...... Del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \*. TMP del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \*. _ mp del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \*. log del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \*. GID del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \*. chk del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \*. old del/f/S/Q % systemdrive % \ recycled \*. * del/f/S/Q % WinDir % \*. bak del/f/S/Q % WinDir % \ prefetch \*. * RD/S/Q % WINDIR % \ Temp & MD % WINDIR % \ Temp del/f/Q % USERPROFILE % \ cookies s \*. * del/f/Q % userprof Ile % \ recent \*. * del/f/S/Q "% USERPROFILE % \ Local Settings \ Temporary Internet Files \*. * "del/f/S/Q" % USERPROFILE % \ Local Settings \ temp \*. * "del/f/S/Q" % USERPROFILE % \ recent \*. * "SFC/purgecache" Clear useless System Disk Files defrag % systemdrive %-B 'optimize pre-read information echo clear system LJ complete! Echo. & pause

After saving the file, change the file suffix TXT to bat. If the file cannot be modified, open the folder option to hide the extension of the known file type and remove the check mark.
This batch of BAT files has been accompanied by my computer career for almost ten years. Although I have changed multiple computers and abandoned a lot of software, this file has always followed me, I believe that many friends playing on computers also have this file in their computers. I named it "Clear drive C" and I don't know how my friends gave it a name. The most powerful part of this batch processing file is the speed. You can compare the speed of system cleanup tools such as 360, Master optimization, and Master Lu.

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