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Make the linux font clearer-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. People who run from Windows to Linux may not get used to the fuzzy font, especially those with bad eyes. In RedHat ES4 (including AS4, ES4, WS4, and shorttop4), you can see the familiar simplified Chinese characters in just two simple steps.

1. copy the simsun font of windows (c: \ windows \ fonts \ simsun. tff) to the/usr/share/fonts/zh_CN/TrueType directory in linux (Note: root permission is required)

2. Enable preference-font (if the desktop is gnome, run gnome-font-properties directly) and change all fonts to SimSun with a size of 10. After saving and restarting, you can see the clear simplified Chinese characters. You can also change the font of other applications, such as gedit, XMMS, and firefox.
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