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Website optimization has gone deep into every area of the Internet, do site optimization people are also growing. However, what is the site optimization for? Perhaps there are many web site optimizer people think that as long as the technology is enough, and the problem is indifferent. They are only habitual every day to try to increase the chain, observation of the site's snapshots and the chain, and so on, the problem has never thought about it, perhaps it is not worth paying attention to. In fact, if you do not even have the purpose, then may not be able to accomplish anything, more do not know where they are now at which stage, to their own whereabouts is also impossible to say. Then do the site optimization of us, to pursue what is it?

No matter what you do, you can be successful if you are prepared beforehand, or you will fail. Do Web site optimization is also the case. We are all clear to do site optimization is a complex trivial and lengthy process, not overnight, but not overnight. To do this, we must first understand what the purpose is and what effect it needs to achieve. Then we will want to achieve this goal how to do, every day to ensure how many outside the chain, friend chain to meet what the number of conditions and so on. Only when we have a clear and clear goal, we will do more worry-saving, leisurely.

So what do we do to optimize the site is why? Some people will think it is to promote the site, optimize keywords, increase the chain. Perhaps others think it is to increase the weight of the site and its exposure rate, thus more traffic. I'm not going to comment on these answers. But I think those website optimizer if only know to do the title of the website, optimize the keyword of the website, increase the link of the website, I can only say that your understanding of the website optimization is still just stay in the relatively simple stage, in fact for these is only the process of website optimization. So what is the ultimate purpose of website optimization? In fact very simple, do the ultimate goal of website optimization is for customers, if a bit more in-depth, straightforward some say, is for the customer pocket money.

For doing site optimization, in fact, whether for the company to optimize the site, or for their own optimization site. Our ultimate goal is naturally to profit from it, and everyone does everything for a purpose. Who would be willing to be busy with fruitless events?

What does the company want us to optimize the site for? It is natural to get more profits from it so that there is money to pay us. Every one of us at ordinary times to busy late into the night, in the final analysis is not to obtain more capital. When we know our ultimate goal, then the next to do site optimization, it will look much simpler. Because we know what we want. If it is to do personal website, then mainly through the display of advertising and profit, so we have to find ways to improve the flow of the site.

If we are tired like Taobao customers through products or promotional services to obtain profits, then we have to do is how to improve the conversion rate of visitors to the site, which requires our website optimization personnel, not only to make the site has high traffic, but also to the flow of these flows into consumers. For the company's website optimization, often belong to the latter, promote the company's products or services. This requires site optimization personnel to first improve the company's website visibility and exposure rate, and also from the site to attract more traffic into the consumer. When we have made clear the ultimate goal of website optimization, we will naturally become handy to do site optimization.

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