Clearly no one to use the IP configuration on the prompt for IP conflict resolution

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This morning to the company there are 10 people to reflect that they do not go to the network, prompted the IP conflict, then felt very strange and tricky. Because our company is bound Mac Internet, and there is no DHCP server in the LAN, even if there is someone else accidentally installed something with DHCP, the address pool will not be our office network segment (very wonderful number of network segments), so there will not be a conflict.

Locate an IP conflict machine, set it to another IP, and then ping the conflicting IP. No response was found. Again arp-a found Mac without this IP at all. This is even more strange. Had to first Baidu a bit. Looking for a long time, no one encountered this problem, but saw a person's post mentioned the virtual network card, a non-existent network card but it occupies your IP, is a native system problem. I carefully counted, all 10 machines are XP or 2003 system. Then I tried again to regedit registration table to remove the IP is not the method or not. Really did not recruit, I went to the device Manager to find the network card disabled re-enabled, the problem magically solved!

Why is 2003 and XP system will have a problem, why only these 10 people have a problem, why disable network card re-enable it, why there is a non-existent network card, these problems are still not its solution. And I feel our total export that router seems to be jerking off, this noon restart it.

Clearly no one to use the IP configuration on the prompt for IP conflict resolution

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