Clever use of marketing design so that users do not hesitate to "buy and buy"

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With the rapid development of the electric business, the turnover of "double 11" has been rising every year. Whether you have any shopping needs, but in all kinds of news media, friends around, all kinds of sales promotion news, and so on under the bombing, in the "Double 11" before the arrival you may have been hard to fill your shopping cart. Even if the "double 11" was not prepared before, but to the day in the strong "shopping atmosphere" rendering, you will always think of what good to buy, stroll to see what is worth buying, the result may buy a lot of things that would have never thought would buy.

Why is it easier for consumers to buy on such so-called shopping days as "Double 11" and "Black Friday"? We can look for the reason from the "Consumer purchase decision model" in consumer behavior, and see which link can influence the user's purchase behavior through the operation design technique.

Question one: What is the process of buying a consumer's decision?

There are many kinds of "consumer purchase decision model", but the most basic law is revealed by the S-O-R mode: Consumers are stimulated by various factors inside and outside, produce a series of psychological decision-making activities, make purchase decision and implement purchase behavior.

The stimulating factor can be understood as "can cause the consumer to buy the demand or the motive" the factor, unifies the scholar's research and own experience experience, has summed up these factors to the following several aspects:

1, the product itself, such as product function, performance, appearance, quality and other aspects of the attraction;

2, business and marketing incentives, such as business brand and reputation, price discounts, promotional activities, such as publicity;

3, consumer personal situation changes, such as illness, into marriage, children and other life stages;

4, social and cultural atmosphere, such as fashion trends, holiday gifts, social hotspots, etc.;

5, natural environment changes, such as heat, cold, rain and so on.

These factors will stimulate consumers to produce "shopping demand or motivation", and produce a series of psychological activities to consider the purchase of goods. This process will be affected by the consumer's cultural, cognitive, economic level and other characteristics of personal attributes. These psychological activities can be divided into the following stages:

After understanding the basic patterns of consumer buying decisions, we are back to the beginning: "Why are consumers more likely to buy on such so-called shopping days as" Double 11 "and" Black Friday "? The main reason is that businesses through marketing incentives to create a "tense" shopping atmosphere, reducing psychological hesitation in the user's psychological decision-making process, prompting users to quickly make decisions, even impulsive purchase. As shown in the following illustration:

Users see a "demand" of goods, even if they have the ability to buy, but will not immediately buy, because users may hesitate, want to ask friends opinion, want to wait for price reduction, want to compare and so on, so that users can not immediately determined to buy. How can reduce the user's hesitation, prompting the user to order quickly, even impulsive purchase? This requires us to seize the user's psychological weaknesses, through the operation of the design to create a "rob" atmosphere, so that users have "not immediately buy will not" psychological tension; At the same time, the use of user psychological accounts and bundled promotional skills to make users feel good value for money, reduce psychological hesitation.

  Question two: How to reduce the user's psychological hesitation through the operation design?

First, in the page to create a "scarce" tension atmosphere, so that users do not have time to think so much

1, on the page to show the hot products sold out, to stimulate the user regret psychological

When you see their favorite merchandise is playing "sale of the Chime" label, can greatly stimulate the user's regret, causing him to see another one of the right to sell the right product will tend to quickly shot. So the smart thing is that the merchandise is sold out and displayed on the page, and is clearly identified. If only the practice of the Commodities Council:

Smarter way to deliberately create this effect on the page, such as deliberately select a number of small quantities, a higher discount of hot goods, when it is sold after the display on the page, you can promote the other quantity, discount relatively small merchandise transactions.

2, the page also highlights the "limited time" and "limited" to create a sense of tension

"Limited time, limited" is the current electric dealers commonly used promotional methods, such as Double One, black Friday. But the use of this approach is also a certain skill, in the operation of the design to pay attention to these details can be more incentive for users to buy.

Like the following two figures, the left side is the "Palm Second Kill", on the right is the Amazon "Z-Second Kill". Compared to the Beijing-East only "limited" approach, Amazon will be "limited order of progress" and "limited" combined to stimulate the user impulse to buy. In addition, showing the number of people currently ready to participate in the snapping (or the number of collectors), the number of limited goods, etc. also conducive to creating a "grab" tension, reduce user hesitation.

"Limited Time", "limited" although it can be a good way to reduce the user's decision to buy the hesitation, but also should be careful not to abuse. Because the user is not a fool, when it knows this is your common "trick", the effect of reuse will be greatly reduced. For example, on Taobao business page on the "Last Day", "time-snapping" and other manufacturing tension wording, if the user is the first time to see, may believe and will quickly decide to buy, but when users see many times, found that this is the business of the practice of people, That would no longer have the intense buying mood that preceded it.

  Second, the use of user "psychological account" to reduce the purchase of users because of "reluctant" and hesitant

For expenditure and income, the user has a different psychological account. For example, the same price for 2000 yuan of clothing, if it is to buy their own may feel expensive, reluctant to buy, but if it is for the heart of a lover's birthday gift, may not hesitate to buy. This is because the user to the two types of expenditure into a different "psychological account", resulting in clothes to buy their own "daily clothing expenses", but buy to the heart of love will be classified as "human or emotional maintenance spending", apparently most users will be more willing to spend money for the latter. Similarly, for free or unexpected things, users will also cause different behavior due to different psychological accounts. For example, the same 50 yuan ticket, if it is free of charge, users do not see it will not feel particularly unfortunate, but if it is their own to spend 50 dollars to buy not to see will feel particularly unfortunate. Because the user to the former as a free windfall, and the latter is to pay their own money to buy.

In the operation of the design of the use of good consumer psychology, through different expressions of advertising to guide consumers, affect their psychological representation, thereby increasing sales or click-through. For example, Haagen-Dazs advertising language, "love her, please her to eat Haagen-Dazs."

Haagen-Dazs will be in the user psychology as a "expression of love," rather than a "snack expense", so users will naturally be more willing to spend money. Therefore, in considering the operation of the theme or content, we can first survey to understand what the target users of the main psychological accounts, generally willing to spend money on which account, and then use the emotional design to highlight, that is, for users to find a high-sounding reason to spend money, so as to reduce the psychological guilt of spending,

Third, skillfully use the "bundle" technique, bypassing the user hesitant mentality, contributing to unexpected purchase

Most users will have a kind of "cheap not to pick up" mentality, so when the single can get more concessions, most users will be more to look for the purchase of the goods together. This product users may not have thought to buy, the result is because of "single concessions" to reach a purchase, basically around the complex psychological decision-making process.

The usual bundling methods are:

1, full xxx yuan, minus xx yuan

2, full xx pieces, dozen xx fold (or a dozen xx fold, two pieces of folded and then XX fold)

3, with another related products to buy together, can be discounted

4, two or more goods packaged together for sale, the total price is cheaper than a single separate buy, so that the number of users to buy an increase

Relevant scholars on the way of price presentation and the user's psychological perception of the study, we can use the bundled way, use these price presentation skills, so that users in the same preferential conditions will feel that they get more, and thus impulsive purchase.

1, the discount to split the presentation, will allow users to feel more discounts.

For example, Taobao double 11 o'clock, a single commodity in addition to the limited discount, but also combined with the form of store coupons to consumers a discount, so that users feel a lot of discounts.

First Priority:

Second discount:

2. Combine one with a small loss

Like a product A, you can drop 1 dollars per item for promotion. The following two price presentation methods, strategy 2 will be significantly more attractive than strategy 1 to attract users to click and buy.

Price strategy 1:20 yuan/piece, 2 pieces of promotional price 38 yuan. (1 yuan per item price, user perception is not obvious)

Price strategy 2:34 yuan/piece, engage in activities "67 minus 30". (Actual two is also 38 yuan, although the user can feel expensive, but still will feel "67 minus 30" strength is very big, the price is more affordable)

3. When the percentage of discount is very large, it is presented as a percentage, if not small, it is presented in the way of comparative price, both of which are very large.

Such as: a cup of 10 yuan of coffee, said "Half-price sale" than "discount 5 yuan" more eye-catching users. But a set of 130W of the house, rather than 93 percent, rather than 120,000 more attractive users.

Knowing these skills, and then recalling the popular "Double 11", "Black Friday" promotional activities, we are not difficult to know why we are in these activities more likely to produce impulsive purchase. In addition to the influence of the herd mentality, the shrewd electric dealer has fully created the tense atmosphere of snapping up through the operation design, and has grasped the user's psychological characteristic in the price strategy, impels the user to produce more impulse purchase.

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