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Although the website is someone else's, but the webpage downloads to my browser to let me see, the nature has to let me decide. By using a swim bag, you have the right to decide what you want to see and what you don't want to see.

Filter Packs are proud of the 2 advertising filtering system part of the elimination of a variety of stubborn ads can be said to be invincible. In addition to the perfect filter ads, filtering packets is a powerful web tool. Release the right key restrictions, prevent audio and video automatically play, crack page permissions, and so on, use the filter bag, you will have a lot of unexpected harvest.

First, download the functional filter Pack

Filter packs can be made by themselves, or they can be downloaded for immediate use. AO Tour has a perfect filter bag resources download system, but most of the ordinary ads filter package. Functional filtering package in the forum can be found in the filter package, the most famous one is Smilefly netizens written "Global function" functional filtering package. Let's take this filter bag as an example to explain how to use the filter pack.

In Smilefly's note, this filter pack is not used to advertise, but to implement some additional functions, and remind ordinary users to use caution-and these "careful use" function is what we need.

Proud of the use of the filter pack is very simple, download and install, open the hands of the advertising hunt "enable text filtering and filtering package" option to take effect. And we can also through the filter package editor, according to their own needs for the filter package to make some careful changes.

Second, the filter pack to configure

Each filter pack accommodates a number of rules, enabling a single filter to perform multiple functions. For example, the "Global function" filter package can implement dozens of kinds of functions, which can be closed according to the needs of users, open.

In turn enter the proud tour Settings Center-Filter Pack Manager-Select the filter you want to modify-click Edit, you can open the Edit dialog box.

Filter package Editing interface

The dialog box is divided into left and right columns, the left is the filter rule entry, and the right-hand side is the entry details. Where the "comment" item is a simple description of the feature. We can enable or stop the entry by checking/canceling the current check box on the left.

Iii. Manual modification of rules

Filter packs provide a powerful and practical function, but we often need them to be effective only for specific sites. For example, some websites change the shape of the mouse pointer, turning the normal mouse pointer into a leaf, a butterfly, or a magic wand. Some changes can be pleasing, and some changes are not so easy to accept or even affect browsing. At this time, we can use the filter bag has a choice to screen.

The "Disable Custom Cursors" (Prohibit custom pointers) rule prevents custom mouse pointers, such as fully enabled, and all Web site custom mouse pointer effects are masked. We can implement targeted filtering by manually modifying the rules.

Modify the appropriate URL

Open the Filter Pack edit box, select the rule to modify in the left-hand column, find the "Match_url" entry on the right, and add the URL you want to work to the following text box. When you open the corresponding URL, the filter packet will automatically take effect. If the input text is too long, you want to easily view the changes, you can directly click the ellipsis after the text box, you can pop up a large editing window for modification.

Text edit box

By analogy, all rule properties can be changed in this way.

Four, my surfing, I'm the boss.

See here, I believe you have understood that the filter bag is effective for the page code changes. As long as it is downloaded to the local implementation of content, filter bag can be processed, the function of the Web page, content, style can be targeted changes. The usefulness of the article is just a tip, and what the filter bag can do, the final look is your needs, your creativity.

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