CLEX-integrated command prompt, "versatile" command line File Manager

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As a system administrator or a common command line user, frequent switching between the File Manager and command line often makes you feel frustrated. One day, you will tend to use some command lines to replace your graphics file manager.

Maybe you may find a good command line manager, but even so, you still need to switch back and forth between your file manager and command line window. Therefore, this problem has not been solved. Is there a file manager that can integrate file browsing and command prompts in the same window? The answer is yes. It is CLEX.

CLEX-command line File Manager

CLEX is a command line-based file manager. It has a beautiful and lightweight user interface and provides many file management options. The biggest advantage of this file manager is that it also provides a command prompt (in the same window Oh ~), Through this command prompt, you can run regular commands.

Note: All examples below are tested on Ubuntu 13.04.

Simple tutorial

This is the first time CLEX is executed on my machine.

As you can see, the upper part of the window lists all the files and directories in the current working path (/home/himanshu/in this example. You can use the up and down arrow keys to select a file or directory, and press enter to enter a directory.

In the lower half of the window, CLEX provides a command line prompt (bash in my test), where you can execute any installed command.

To open the image file ubuntu.png, use the direction key to select it:

Then, use ubuntu.png as the parameter and run the command prompt to start an installed Image Viewer (gthumb installed on my machine)

When the preceding command is executed, the image Viewer program gthumb displays the image.

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