Click-through hype has become part of cultural consumption

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"Ming those Things" in the network serialization during the alleged fraud! Recently, a media report said that the book before publication in the Tianya and mop and other sites serialized, suspected of employing a large number of network users, repeatedly click, Thread, get "1 million click", and as the core of propaganda, for commercial interests. (See March 20 "Youth Weekend")

Since Chinese netizens discovered that there is a possibility that the network influence can be directly converted into real benefits, the problem of online click Forgery is always accompanied by the development of Chinese Internet.

Housing intermediary sites have "real estate false point", audio sites have "fake song", earlier "tens of millions of grassroots blog" has also faced the challenge of fraud. To expand some of the network selection activities, a large number of large-scale "false vote" situation. Prior to the foreign network media on Sino-Japanese relations published online survey, led to a large number of Chinese netizens "false point", resulting in the hit "investigation of fraud incidents."

In addition to "click on fake", we can easily list more models of network hype. "Lang brother" hype "angel mm" process, is regarded as the classic Chinese internet hype case, he was after the victory, fried "very real person", and so in 2006 set off a "real people four grid" production boom. "Sister Furong" self-speculation is also regarded as a major event in the history of Chinese Internet. Click on fake, big to "network wanted", small to "pack raising poets", and speculation off the hook.

Theoretically, each network user may become the information Publisher, becomes the topic center. Everyone is the result of the center, making it difficult to appear a Toruk macto called Center on the whole network platform. By integrating the power of loose netizens, the network has set up a topic center within a certain range. This process is a bit like "audition". Hype makes some people more susceptible to attention, so it's easier to stand out from the online auditions. That's why some people are so keen on online hype.

However, hype is one thing, hype success, the parties to get a lot of benefits is another matter. Now, the media is not a scarce object, the information explosion is not a sensational topic. In this case, the general hype propaganda has been difficult to arouse the impulse of cultural consumers, but only to become a reference to cultural consumption. Can imagine, if it is not the "Ming things" the text itself has the charm, as well as its right to publish the opportunity, booksellers and the author to make a big "click fraud", also will not have any impact on product sales.

Further, speculation has been rooted in the mass cultural production in various fields.

The record industry has a false sales of the situation exists, the film industry has box office water injection situation exists, the media a length of doubt can not shake a similar phenomenon.

In addition, entertainment practitioners have become accustomed to the public and the media by publishing false topics (most often gossip) and providing basic material for speculation. The publishing industry is also the case, Wang Shuo for "The right" comeback, has been questioned in the "new book hype."

Cultural consumer goods bring to consumers, not simply food and clothing experience, but the utility of the sensory world, as well as the grasp of cultural information. In this sense, the hype around a certain cultural consumer goods itself is an extension of cultural consumption, but also a part of the sensory utility of consumers in the process of cultural consumption ——— such as watching the movie after the film on the gossip of the actress, and holding a best-selling book in the streets to get a slight satisfaction. Therefore, the relationship between speculation and cultural consumer goods is always complex, difficult to cut off, we might as well look at it calmly.

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