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What is ClickOnce, this problem, in the 21st century, the Internet seriously developed era, it is estimated that there is no need for large fees memorial to introduce, bad words, there is a suspicion of plagiarism. So, for the introduction of ClickOnce, you can find the MSDN documentation directly, or look below, this is Baidu encyclopedia, but also CTRL + C version. Http://

If you're not interested in these theories, it's okay, you can totally ignore the things mentioned above. As long as we know, ClickOnce is an application deployment way. So what is deployment? We might as well look up the dictionary, the deployment of the interpretation of the arrangement, layout, and so on, and put into our application, our popular name is to install. That is, deploy your developed application on the client's computer, or on the client's computer.

So we can say that a ClickOnce application is a kind of installation package that can be installed one-step, instead of n "Next", as we used the traditional installation package, and then it's done.

Some people may also say that it is not easy to publish a ClickOnce package? How about a few mouse clicks inside vs? Why are you still blogging? First of all, the law does not stipulate that simple things can not be used for blogging, and secondly, for many novice friends, I think there is a reference value, at least, and some minor problems may often be overlooked.

Let's start by releasing a Windows Forms application and practicing practicing.

Prepare for the condition: first make sure that IIS is installed, and if not, just do it, because the example we're going to do here is to publish the ClickOnce to both the local file and the IIS server. As for how to install, please search the Internet bar.

Run as Administrator vs. Create a new Windows Forms application project.

Change the title of the window (Text property) to the title you want, and I'll change it to "the invincible application of the Universe". Then drag a Label control, change the text to "Super application, invincible." "。 Probably as shown in the following figure. Is it very domineering?

Well, that's it, easy enough, that's the application we're going to release later.

OK, start releasing the ClickOnce Installer. Open Solution Explorer, right-click on the project node, select Properties from the pop-up shortcut menu, open the Project Properties window, and switch to the Publish tab.

As shown in the following illustration, there are two publish locations.

The publish location can choose a local folder, or you can choose the Web server address on IIS, and of course ftp is OK. There is nothing special about these two places, if you plan to publish the application directly to the local, fill in this:

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