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Introduction to WebSphere Portal V8.0 installation

WebSphere Portal 8.0 provides two primary installations to meet different user needs: A wizard-style installation (also known as a graphical interface installation) and a silent installation, both of which use IBM Installation Manager as the installation management tool. The wizard-style installation implements a simplistic guide to the customer, which must be performed only on operating systems that support the graphics desktop (see table 1) and is generally used to install Portal 8.0 on a single portal 8.0 or on different operating systems The silent installation is supported by all types of operating systems and is suitable for situations where you need to bulk install the WebSphere Portal V8.0 on the same operating system, and users can simply edit the existing response file to install the new environment. This article details how to install WebSphere Portal 8.0 in both of these ways.

Table 1. Support Platforms for wizard-and silent installations

Preparing to install the WebSphere Portal V8.0

Prepare the installation environment by complying with the WebSphere Portal V8.0 hardware and software requirements documentation.

Examples are supported operating systems, sufficient physical memory, enough hard disk space, and so on.

Install IBM installation Manager

IBM Installation Manager (IM, hereinafter) is an installation management tool for the Rational Software Delivery Platform, which is used to install and maintain installation Manager-base D package. With IM, you can modify attribute settings, search for updates, uninstall, and manage permissions for the installation software. In order to install the WebSphere Portal V8.0, you must install the IM V1.5.2 or you can upgrade an existing, lower version of IM to V1.5.2 or later by following the technical instructions. You can obtain an IM installer through the IBM software Download Center, or you can obtain an IM installation file and perform an installation directly via the WebSphere Portal V8.0 installation package.

Users can view the IM version by executing the following command to verify that the current version is 1.5.2 and later.

Run the command from the IM installation location, for example, in the directory "/opt/ibm/installationmanager/eclipse":

Run command

The above command displays the IM version as follows:

Show IM version

Get the repository for IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0

Before installing WebSphere Portal 8.0, IM must establish a connection to the WebSphere Portal 8.0 repository, which is implemented through the "file"-> "preferences" of IM.

Users can obtain the repositories required to install WebSphere Portal 8.0 through the following channels.

Physical Media (DVD)

Users can obtain the WebSphere Portal Software installation package from the product installation CD, or they can obtain a corresponding repository from each disc, such as the was repository file located under the was installation CD, and the Portal 8.0 repository file located under the Portal installation CD.


Users can download the e-images of WebSphere Portal 8.0 from the IBM Passport Advantage site, unzip e-images to local, and then connect to these local repositories in the "Files"-> "preferences" of IM.

Figure 1. E-images List of Portal 8.0 Server

Online repository (Live Repository)

If you have an IBM Passport Advantage account if you have already installed IM, you can connect directly to the repository of WebSphere Portal 8.0 located on the Passport Advantage site, as shown in Figure 2.

For more information about connecting to the Passport Advantage repository, see Installing packages through Passport Advantage.

Figure 2. Connecting to the Passport Advantage repository

In addition to the installation that can be directly connected to the repository on the Passport Advantage site, the middle finger of the IM preference

Set up an online file Store (Repository), such as adding an online file repository location to a network mapped hard disk Z of the local system, and then specifying the absolute path to the repository file in the IM preferences.

Figure 3 is an example diagram of an online file repository in a network mapped hard disk.

Figure 3. Get an online file repository on a network mapped hard drive

Browse the repository file contents specified in Figure 3, as shown in the sample repository file.

By "Layoutpolicy=composite" you can determine that this repository is a combination type repository, in which repository.url.WAS8003 represents the WAS8003 repository, repository.url.WPV8 represents wp8_ Server's repository, the user specifies that the effect of the sample repository file as a repository is equivalent to the user specifying WAS8003 and Wp8_server repositories in the IM repository, as shown in Figure 4.

Sample Repository File


Figure 4. Standalone repositories

Wizard-Installed WebSphere Portal V8.0

This section details the steps to run IM in a wizard to install the WebSphere Portal V8.0.

Step 1: On a system that supports the user graphical interface, start the wizard installation from the installation location of the IM, such as executing the application under the directory "C:\Program Files (x86) \ibm\installation Manager\eclipse" IBMIM.exe, successfully specifying the repository in IM and testing the repository connection is OK, select Install on the main interface of IM (install package), IM will prompt the user to wasnd V8.0.0.3 and the installation of the WebSphere Portal V8.0. As shown in Figure 5

Figure 5. To start a wizard-style installation

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