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Author:It168 Zhang Yongfeng2007-06-07

This article mainly describes the author's one-month closed development experience. The core technology involved is Server Load balancer and HA technology. This experience has benefited the author a lot. As an essay, this article does not cover technical details, but closely follows the "Unforgettable technical difficulties" to talk about your own feelings. I hope to give you some inspiration and encourage you to go further.

1. It resonance-pain and happiness
Many times, we are suffering from the joy that technology brings to us. A technical barrier may make us unable to make any progress in our work over the past few days. It will make us very depressed, so we don't have to think about it. A breakthrough in technical difficulties will also make us feel sad and smile, it's even cool! I believe everyone has had the above similar experience, and I am no exception. I am a technology-loving person. Although technology cannot be said to be outstanding, my passion is definitely not for people.

At the same time, we are still facing the pain of work pressure and career planning. However, all this seems to be able to disappear with the bug fixed and the smooth flow of the program, we are a group of people who tirelessly practice Finger Dance and enjoy Keyboard Music.

2. pain points of closed development
On the eve of the Spring Festival, I received a phone call from the company, saying that the project team was in urgent need. I asked if I had time and had to quit for a few times, but I didn't succeed. So I had to promise to check the situation.

This is the case: I have not graduated from the third-party Research Institute. Although I have already signed a three-party agreement with the company, I am facing a subject and a degree thesis. It is time-consuming and I plan to finish the project before the Spring Festival, practice after winter vacation. After all, it is the most important thing to finish the subject and thesis first, so that we can achieve it in our hearts. However, when the company calls me several times, I cannot give up more,
What's more, I interviewed my department manager. People also said they could learn a lot.

On April 9, January 15, I officially joined the project team. After talking to the Project Manager in the morning, I confirmed the work station, arranged the machine, and handed over the work in the afternoon. everything started. My job is clearly assigned to the architecture group to build the production environment. After one month, the project will be launched in phase I, the preparation of the production environment directly determines whether the online system is stable or not.

I am a technical manager who has been working for seven years. After the work handover is over, I patted me on the shoulder and said, "XX, this task will be handed over to you !", I nodded my head and beat my heart straight. It's called a dead bottom. In the production environment, we need to build a was Cluster Environment on two SuSE Linux instances to implement ha. Previously, I had never caught a cold in Linux, nor heard of Suse, nor did IBM products have access to it, I don't know what clusters are or what ha is. It's strange to have a base! Fortunately, I have a habit of "forcing" myself. I have always believed that I should learn to force myself and consciously meet the challenges if I fail to do anything.

The closure was quite tight. The entire project team opened a floor on the customer's side and stayed in a nearby hotel at night. Working hours are from AM to AM, and prompt that the latest time should not exceed am. However, the actual situation is that many people often work until midnight, I used to retreat several times in the early morning. Fortunately, there was an all-night porridge room on the way back to the hotel. I could eat something and go back to take a bath and have a rest. It is said that before I came here, the project team had been closed for several months from the very beginning of the demand. Many people's eyes are black circles. During this period, some colleagues or even their bodies began to swell and various fatigue symptoms began to appear. A few days before the Spring Festival, the launch period was even more tense. Several major technical staff from the project team, including the technical manager who took me, spent several consecutive nights and returned to the hotel at a.m. Basically, I went back to the hotel with the person who took me. I couldn't help myself in the last few days. In addition, my task has already been completed in advance, so I can relax a little, help with stress testing.
3. Have to say happy
Happy, sometimes it is very simple. We can experience the flying mood from several lines of code, or a smoke at the end of the corridor while working with our colleagues. In a closed month, the greatest happiness I 've ever realized is that I have exceeded the technical barriers, but I have never been able to understand, become familiar, and realize it. Once again, I realized that as long as we work hard, there will always be progress, and with the deepening of our efforts, we will get closer and closer to success.

The cluster creation experience is blank for me, and it is further difficult to become unfamiliar with the system. On the first day, I read the materials I handed in my hand, installed was nd in windows, and set up an application server cluster. In general, I tried it rashly, just to have a perceptual knowledge. The next day, I got the SuSE installation media and started a brand new technical exploration. I am not familiar with Linux or IBM products, including was, IHS, edge, etc. I am not familiar with cluster technology, and do not know how to implement load balancing and HA. I only remember that I installed SuSE for countless times, was for countless times, tests for countless times, and 800 for countless times (IBM technical support phone number ).

I was impressed by a hard time. I had been depressed for more than a whole day, and I did not deal with it after many times. Later, I posted a post on my blog for help, and finally solved the problem through constant attempts, although it was almost like the early morning, the whole person was about to get out of the shelf, and his legs were getting up and running, so I started to laugh (my office environment is special, I have three machines, one person, leaders are absent in the early morning ). However, through unremitting efforts and attempts, I completed the construction of the production environment in advance and started to participate in the stress test.

Many of my colleagues said that I had a good life and it was a good time-such a large project, such a good opportunity (with access to servers and smaller computers). They also said that there were not many such opportunities, it will be very helpful for my future growth, at least two or three years less than others. Liu Bo, Project Director, also said that the happiest person in the project is me, because the whole project uses big guys and invites cool people. I have a deep understanding of this point. the DB2 experts in stress testing are said to be the top three in the National DB2 competition, a doctor surnamed Niu, haha, indeed, Niu, DB2 cluster, tuning, watching fingers fly, the script code is flying ...... My mind was never stopped during the database stress test that day and a half. It was just like this, but I still had to accept it. Fortunately, I summarized a lot later. In our work, the summary is very important. In many cases, we do not have the actual environment to learn, and there is not much pressure, but the work is different, in particular, the tasks assigned to me cannot be delayed. My principle is to do everything as early as possible! Opportunities always favor those who are prepared.

4. Getting into the workplace
In the workplace, I may not be eligible to comment too much. Because my upcoming job is my first full-time job. Although I have been engaged in many companies and met many people in the past, after all, I work part-time jobs. Unlike formal jobs, part-time jobs do not involve competition, and interpersonal relationships are easier, if you enter the workplace, the situation may be more severe.
However, here I only want to say that, in both undergraduate and graduate students at the school stage, it is impossible to close the campus to an acre of three sub-places. I need to work part-time jobs to broaden my horizons, A part-time job is best related to your own major. In this way, you will cultivate professional skills and lay the foundation for future work. It is very likely that your part-time company is your first girl, at least, these companies may be your preferred ones, and the interpersonal relationships accumulated by part-time jobs may be useful in your job search.



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