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"Cloud computingCloud computing is the development of distributed processing (Distributed Computing), parallel processing (Parallel Computing), and grid computing, or the commercial implementation of these computer science concepts. Many multinational companies in the information technology industry, such as IBM, Yahoo, and Google, are using cloud computing concepts to sell their own products and services.


First, cloud computing provides the most reliable and secure data storage center. Users no longer have to worry about data loss and virus intrusion.

Many people think that data is safe only when it is stored in a computer that they can see and feel. Your computer may be damaged or attacked by viruses, leading to the inability to recover data on the hard disk, attackers who have access to your computer may take advantage of various opportunities to steal your data. Isn't my personal data leaked because of my computer repair work reported in the previous sensation of "Photo exposure?

Cloud computing enables data sharing between devices and applications

On the contrary, when your documents are saved on a network service similar to Google Docs and you upload your photos to a network album similar to Google Picasa Web, you no longer have to worry about data loss or damage. On the other end of "Cloud", there are the world's most professional teams to help you manage information, and the world's most advanced data centers to help you save data. Meanwhile, strict permission management policies can help you share data with people you specify with confidence. In this way, you don't have to spend money to enjoy the best and safest service, even more convenient than saving money in a bank.

 Second, cloud computing has the lowest requirement on devices on the user end and is also the most convenient to use.

Everyone has had the experience of maintaining a wide range of applications on personal computers. To use the latest operating system or the latest software version, we must constantly upgrade our computer hardware. In order to open a document in a certain format sent by a friend, we had to frantically find and download an application.

We had to Install antivirus and firewall software repeatedly to prevent viruses from being introduced during download. All these troubles come together. It's not a nightmare for a newbie who has just been in touch with computers and the internet! Cloud computing may be your best choice if you can no longer tolerate such a computer experience. You only need a computer that can access the Internet and a browser that you like. All you need to do is type a URL in the browser and enjoy the unlimited fun cloud computing brings to you.

You can directly edit the documents stored on the other end of the "Cloud" in your browser. You can share information with your friends at any time without worrying about whether your software is the latest version, there is no need to worry about virus infection in software or documents. On the other end of "Cloud", professional IT staff help you maintain hardware, install and upgrade software, and prevent viruses and various network attacks, help you do what you did on your PC.

  In addition, cloud computing can easily share data and applications between different devices.

You may recall how your contact information is saved. One of the most common scenarios is that your mobile phone stores the phone numbers of hundreds of contacts, and your personal computer or laptop stores hundreds of email addresses. To facilitate Emails during business trips, you have to regularly synchronize contact information between your PC and laptop. After buying a new phone, you have to synchronize the phone number between the old phone and the new phone.

By the way, you have your PDA and the computer in your office. Considering the wide variety of Data Synchronization Methods and complex operations on different devices, you need to save and maintain the latest contact information between these devices, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. At this time, you need to use cloud computing to make everything easier. In the network application mode of cloud computing, only one copy of data is stored on the other end of the cloud. All your electronic devices only need to connect to the Internet, you can access and use the same data at the same time.

Take the management of contact information as an example. After you use the network service to manage the information of all contacts, you can use any computer to find the e-mail address of a friend anywhere, you can call a friend's phone number on any mobile phone or quickly share the electronic business card of a contact with several friends. Of course, this is all done under a strict security management mechanism. Only those who have access to the data can use or share the data with others.

  Finally, cloud computing provides almost unlimited possibilities for us to use networks.  

Cloud computing provides unlimited possibilities for Networks

It provides almost unlimited storage space for data storage and management, and almost unlimited computing power for us to complete various applications. Imagine that when you are driving a trip, you only need to connect your mobile phone to the network, you can directly see the satellite map of your region and real-time traffic conditions, you can quickly query your preset route, you can ask your friends on the Internet to recommend the best nearby scenic spots and restaurants, Quickly book the destination Hotel, and share your photos or video clips with friends and friends in the distance ......

1) if the name is "Grid" or "OGSA (Open Grid Service Architecture)"... then it is not a cloud.

2) if you need to provide a dozens of pages of demand statement to the vendor, it is not a cloud.

3) If you cannot use your credit card to buy... It is not cloud.

What is real cloud computing?

4) if they want to sell you hardware devices, they are not cloud devices.

5) if the API is not provided, it is not cloud.

6) if you need to rebuild your system... it is not a cloud.

7) if you cannot deploy a (Provision) server within 10 minutes... then it is not cloud.

8) If you cannot cancel (deprovision) The server within 10 minutes... then it is not cloud.

9) If you know the specific location of the machine you are using... It is not cloud.

10) If you need a consultant to help you... it is not cloud.

11) If you need to prepare a list of required machines in advance, it is not a cloud.

12) if it runs only one operating system, it is not a cloud.

13) If you don't need to connect it to your own machine... it's not a cloud.

14) if you need to install software to use it... then it is not a cloud.

15) If you own all of these hardware, then it is not cloud.

Without cloud computing, we cannot enjoy the convenience of using client applications on personal computers or mobile phones alone. Personal computers or other electronic devices cannot provide unlimited storage space and computing power, but on the other end of the cloud, A large cluster composed of thousands, tens of thousands or even more servers can easily achieve this. Personal and individual devices have limited capabilities, but the potential of cloud computing is almost unlimited. When you put the most commonly used data and the most important functions on the cloud, we believe that your understanding of computers, application software, and networks will change dramatically, your life will change accordingly.

The spirit of the Internet is in essence freedom, equality, and sharing. As a computing model that best reflects the spirit of the Internet, cloud computing will certainly show its powerful vitality in the near future and will change our work and life in many aspects. Both common network users, employees, IT managers, and software developers can experience this change.

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