[Cloud map] one-click generation of chain store brand maps

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Abstract: you do not need to write code, do not need to spend money, do not need to ask for people, use the simplest way, visual operation, you can generate a map of the chain store brand. And automatically adapt to PC browser and mobile browser! Come and see how to operate.

Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I. effect display

Mobile effects:


PC end effect:


Ii. Start production

There are no tedious steps. You do not need to apply for a key. You only need to log on and import data.

1. log on to the cloud map Management Platform: http://yuntu.amap.com/datamanager/


2. Create a map


3. Import a single data

Click the button in the upper-right corner, click map, and then click Save. You can add a vertex.

The content in each annotation can be deleted or modified at will, and the position can also be changed.


4. Import batch data

If there is more data, adding a store one by one seems inefficient. You can import data in batches.


Select a batch data file and import it.

For files of batch data, see the template.


The name and address are required for location by address. The data format is as follows:

Name, address Jinan revolutionary martyrs Cemetery (North Gate), No. 66, ma'anshan Road, Nanshan District, Jinan


For positioning by longitude and latitude, the name and latitude and longitude are required. The data format is as follows:

Name, x, y Jinan revolutionary martyrs Cemetery (North Gate), 117.001985, 36.643829


Of course, you can also add some fields by yourself, such as phone numbers, pictures, and descriptions. Each field is separated by commas. The entire file is saved in CSV format. For example:

Name, name_py, ctype, ntype, code, address, x, y Jinan revolutionary martyrs Cemetery (North Gate), Jinan geming lieshi Lingyuan (BeiMen), cemetery, 72.161, 370103, ma'anshan Road, 117.001985, 36.643829


5. One-click release

Is it really so fast that the release time is reached? Excited!

That's right! After importing data, you can publish the data. Is it very efficient and simple!


Success !!!

I think this is more convenient. There is route planning, and it can be used on both PCs and mobile phones. Automatic Adaptation is really good!


3. What else can I do after the release is complete?

You can change the logo style to green.

Click style. You can change the label size, color, and pattern!


If the data in the list is red, the address may be inaccurate.

You can also modify the address!


[Cloud map] one-click generation of chain store brand maps

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