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1, in the server monitoring cloud monitoring services do not need to access your server, only need your server to access the section of the 80 port can!

2, what is the agent authentication string? The agent authentication string is a string of 32-bit encrypted authentication keys that you need to enter when you install the Cloud Monitoring agent on the server, and the monitoring service takes effect only if you enter the correct string when you install the agent to ensure that the agent can connect to the server.

First, the Installation Agent

1, download the installation package

Select the appropriate cloud Monitoring Agent RPM installation package to download the installation according to the operating system version (32-bit or 64-bit). (Cloud Monitoring Agent installation package download)

The getconf long_bit command can be used to see if the operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit, as follows:

[root@aliyun]# getconf Long_bit64

Observing the above results, the test system is 64-bit, so choose the 64-bit RPM installation package to install. For 32-bit, select the 32-bit RPM installation package.

2. Installation Agent

1, the installation under the Debian,ubuntu system

Enter the storage directory of the installation package, enter the command RPM-IVH jiankongagent.x86_64.rpm to complete the Cloud Monitoring agent installation (Note: jiankongagent.x86_64.rpm is you download from the Cloud monitoring site of the RPM installation package), As follows:

[root@aliyun]# rpm-ivh jiankongagent.x86_64.rpmPrepareing ... ############################### [100%]1:jiankongagent ############################### [100%]

The execution jiankongagent.x86_64.rpm does not have an error indicating that the installation was successful, as above.

2, installation under the Debian,ubuntu system

Because Debian, Ubuntu system currently does not directly support the installation of RPM package, therefore, the need to install through the alien program, the process is as follows:

A, first install alien, the command is as follows:

Apt-get Install Alien

b, access to the installation of the package directory, the use of alien installation jiankongagent-1-1.x86_64.rpm, the following command:

Alien--scripts-k-I. jiankongagent-1-1.x86_64.rpm

Second, the cloud monitoring agent to start stop restart

1, the "Agent authentication string" that you obtain from Cloud Monitor page fills in/usr/local/cms/config/token.cfg configuration file (all your server's token value is the same), the process is as follows:

When the agent authentication string is not filled in, the contents of the Token.cfg configuration file are shown in the following figure in red circles:

You need to replace the content on the right side of the equal sign with your own agent authentication string. Your "Agent authentication string" Get location is: User Center-management console-Cloud monitoring-server monitoring, as follows:

After filling in the agent authentication string, the contents of the Token.cfg configuration file are shown in the following figure Blue circle (assuming your token is agentlpttt in the following illustration).

2, after the "Agent authentication string" configuration completed, directly run the following command to start the agent:

CMSD start

3. Stop Agent

Cmsd stop

4, restart the agent

CMSD restart

Third, the cloud monitoring agent's Uninstall

1, non-Debian, Ubuntu system under the uninstall

You can complete the uninstall of the agent by running the following command:

RPM--erase--allmatches jiankongagent

(Note: There are 2 consecutive minus signs in front of the word erase and allmatches)

2, Debian, Ubuntu system under the uninstall

You can complete the uninstall of the agent by running the following command:

Dpkg--purge jiankongagent

(Note: The word purge preceded by 2 consecutive minus signs)

Note: After the uninstall is complete,/usr/local/cms/the entire directory will be deleted

Special Note notes:

1, the installation of cloud Monitoring Agent machine must be able to access the network segment of the 80 port.

2, in addition to token profile token.cfg, please do not arbitrarily modify or delete the Cloud Monitor Agent installation directory/usr/local/cms/any files or directories.

3, the cloud monitoring agent requires root permission to run and install.

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