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What is cloud monitoring?

Cloud monitoring is Alibaba Group for many years the results of server monitoring technology research, combined with the Aliyun cloud computing platform strong data analysis capabilities. For small and medium-sized sites to provide a variety of applications and server Third-party monitoring services for the user's products, business escort. Any system exception can be notified to the user in time, handling the exception in time, so as to improve the usability of user products.

In addition to providing a safe and effective monitoring service for Cloud Server customers, cloud monitoring can also provide powerful and easy-to-use monitoring services for other client-owned servers. Users do not need to build or develop a monitoring system, only through a simple configuration to achieve a variety of monitoring requirements.

Cloud Monitoring terminology

monitoring type

The monitoring content for each class of

is a monitoring type. For example, HTTP monitoring, TCP port monitoring, CPU load (load) monitoring is the type of monitoring.

Monitor entry

materialization of the monitoring type is a monitoring item, and a monitoring type can generate multiple monitoring items.

monitoring point

When you add a monitor item to a specific device or to a Web site, a new monitoring point is added.

Alert Group

A group composed of several monitors, corresponding to each monitoring point, according to the pre-set alarm mode in the arrival alarm threshold to take different alarm mode to alert group members to send the alarm message.

Alert way

the means by which users are notified unexpectedly. Including text messages, would like, mail and so on.

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