Cloud's next Big Thing, Google began to support Docker's competitors

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absrtact: For many people, Docker should be the next big event in the era of cloud computing. But now some big companies, such as Google, Red hat and VMware, are starting to support Docker's alternative technology rocket. Will this become the next Big thing of cloud computing?

"Editor's note" CoreOS founder and CEO Alex Polvi believes that the development of Docker has turned away from providing "a standard container architecture", so CoreOS decided to launch its own standardized product rocket, and provide a pure container standard, Now rocket technology is supported by a large group of companies such as Google, Red hat and VMware.

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Last December, one of Docker's first supporters, Silicon Valley startup, CoreOS unveiled an open source project, rocket. Alex Polvi, founder and CEO of CoreOS, feels that Docker has strayed from its original mission, and now he and his colleagues want to use rocket to accomplish their initial mission.

5 months later, Google was seriously considering joining Rocket's open source project and integrating the technology into one of its cloud computing tools. Polvi will announce the official results of Google's involvement in San Francisco this morning, and in an e-mail to the WIRED, Google has confirmed the news.

Ironically, Docker is built on support for Google's vast online empire software. Basically, Docker is a more efficient way to build and operate Google Search, Google Maps, and Gmail. You can think of it as a software container tool that allows developers to neatly package their code and run on massively distributed machines, whether they're running in their own data center or on Amazon's public cloud services.

In the present, popular software applications must be run on a large machine network. This is the only way for developers to get instant access to information. Docker can significantly simplify the creation of these applications, which is why it receives so much attention.

Google also offers Amazon-like cloud computing services, the first known cloud computing company to embrace Docker. Since then, Amazon, Microsoft and other companies have competed to join the Docker camp in response to the huge popularity of Docker in Silicon Valley developers. But now Google is also starting to support Rockert and integrating the technology into Kubernetes cloud computing software. Google claims it is "an important milestone in the Kubernetes project".

Docker is trying to become a common container format for the entire industry. In fact, this is the advantage of it. If everyone uses this standard, running the software will become easier. But for Polvi and others, Docker is no longer simply the container standard that was originally designed. They think Docker has evolved more complex and cumbersome now.

Using Rocket,coreos to provide a new container standard to get rid of any company's control. "We need a standard container for everyone to share," Polvi said. In addition to Google, Polvi said other big companies are also starting to support rocket projects, including Red Hat and VMware. Mark Kropf of Pivotal, a VMware stripping company, told WIRED magazine that his company was also trying to support rocket.

But the software like Google's kubernetes,pivotal will continue to use Docker and Rocket. Docker is already widely used, and the rocket project may face some difficulties as a viable option for the industry as a whole. But at the very least, rocket's initial development shows that the container concept will change the way the world's software is built.

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Cloud's next Big Thing, Google began to support Docker's competitors

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