Cloudsim installation, configuration (to eclipse)

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It's basically a success. Therefore, this process will be as detailed and accurate as possible for everyone's needs.

First, the installation and configuration of Jdk,eclipse.

I downloaded the JDK version is 1.8,JDK related configuration online There are many, I will not repeat.

Second, the download, installation and configuration of Cloudsim.

(1) Download Cloudsim

This is the cloudsim I've shared, and I've included everything I need.

I also posted Google's:

(2) Adding environment variables

The downloaded Cloudsim is a zip package (which, of course, downloads the compressed package in the Windows environment) and extracts it in any file without a Chinese path, such as E:\. environment variable, advanced system settings, properties, My Computer, add (if the Cloudsim package is unpacked in the e-drive) in path:

E:\ cloudsim-3.0.3\jars\ Cloudsim-2.1.1.jars; E:\ Cloudsim-3.0.3\jars\cloudsim-examples-2.1.1.jar;

(3) Download the Flanagan.jar package (you can check whether the jars directory contains, or not download)

The resources can be found on the internet is quite a lot of, I will post my bar: After the download is done, place the jar in the Cloudsim jars folder.

Three, the operation of Cloudsim sample

(1) Import eclipse

Open Eclipse,file->new->java Project, cancel use of the Default location, select location as E:\cloudsim-3.0.3,project Name Using the cloudsim-3.0.3 that appears automatically, select the default other settings and click Finish.

(2) running the sample

After importing, the project should be as follows:

As we can see, Cloudsim comes with 8 samples, as to which of the 8 samples represent which algorithm, I have not studied, we choose to run Sample 8, select the sample 4,run As->java application, the results of the console appear as follows:

Cloudsim installation, configuration (to eclipse)

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