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The arguments in square brackets are optional arguments, and the contents in angle brackets represent variables. For example, the syntax for CONNECT is:

Connect to <dbname>

[[user <userid>] using <pwd>]

This means that by using the Connect command to use the password as User1 mypass a connection to a database sample can have the following forms:

Connect to sample

Connect to sample User User1

Connect to sample user User1 using Mypass

Organizes all commands according to the scope of the command. For any CLP command, you can enter a prefix question mark ("?"). Keyword to view its full syntax.


CLP Command Description

Db2start Start the Database Manager instance.

Db2stop stops the Database Manager instance.

Get dbm CFG Returns the database Manager configuration settings.

Get dbm CFG Show detail displays the current and deferred values of the Database Manager parameters (from V8).

1update dbm CFG using <p> <v> Update Database Manager configuration Parameters <p> to value <v>.

The Get instance returns the value of the DB2INSTANCE environment variable.

List Active databases lists the number of active databases and connections.

List application [Show detail] returns information about the currently connected application.

Force application (H1 [, H2,.., HN]) disconnects a particular application based on the handle number.

Force application all disconnects all applications from the database.

Attach to <node> user <userid> using <pwd> with user <userid> by using password <pwd> with a remote instance identified as <node> Connection.

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