CLR garbage collection

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1. memory architecture

2. Generations
    • Generation 0: short lived objects (collected frequently)
    • Generation 1: Medium lived objects (collected less frequently)
    • Generation 2: long lived objects (variable size and expensive to collect)
    • Generation 0 and 1 is known as the ephemeral segment (fixed size)

SOS :! Eeheap-GC

Sosex :! Gcgen <address>

3. Roots
    • GC uses roots to find which objects are alive or dead
    • Any object with an existing reference to it has a root and is thus considered alive
    • Roots are determined using the following components: JIT compoler, stack Walker, handle table, finalize queue

SOS :! Gcroot <address>

4. Finalization
    • GC only knows about Managed Objects
    • Objects that wrap native types need a cleanup Mechanism
    • Objects that wrap a native types must:
      • Implement a finalizer
      • Implement idisposable
      • Both methods shocould Use same private helper Method
Finalization Best Practices
    • Whenever possible do not rely on finalization rather always explicitly dispose finalizable objects
    • If you implement a finalizer you shoshould also implement idisposable (dispose suppresses the object finalization)
    • In C #, the using {} pattern automatically invokes the dispose method
5. Large Object heap
    • Objects greater than 85,000 bytes
    • Key difference is that LOH is not compacted (very common cause of memory fragmentation)
    • Introduced to avoid the cost of Compaction
6. Pinning Problems
    • As part of compaction the GC may move an object around
    • Problem for objects passed to native code (for example, a buffer to async native Operation)
    • Pinning tells the GC that it is not allowed to move the object
    • Excessive pinning common cause of memory fragmentation

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