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With the rapid development of information technology and social economy, various industries are increasingly demanding information access. As an important part of the command and Dispatch System of various industries, wireless cluster communication has become an indispensable means of communication, such as collaborative operations, disaster relief and rescue, handling of emergencies, and major security activities.

However, most of the global wireless cluster communications are still in the 2G era. For industries that require big bandwidth such as data and video, the wireless network needs to be built with two networks, one for the voice cluster and the other for the broadband data transmission, and two terminals, this poses a huge challenge to the development of wireless private networks. Therefore, how to achieve cluster and broadband access to the Internet, broadband has become the mainstream of the current market demand.

In the face of the latest demands of private network users, the current use of narrowband digital clusters such as TETRA or WiFi in private networks is subject to technical system lags behind, weak data bandwidth capabilities, and poor mobility, it is difficult to meet the development requirements of industry private networks. To help private network users solve the above problems, narrowband Digital cluster technology has clearly evolved to a broadband multimedia Cluster Based on LTE, the TD-LTE-based broadband multimedia digital cluster solution is favored by users in the private network market.

Cluster technology enters the 4G Era

At present, on the basis of the cluster speech service, various industry departments and enterprise groups are increasingly pressing for cluster multimedia, Internet, and high-speed data services, in particular, the demand for HD video monitoring and mass data transmission is the most prominent.

According to Li Shengli, General Manager of the wireless broadband product line of Huawei enterprise wireless, "industry informatization puts forward new requirements for dedicated wireless network communication in the industry: on the one hand, it is manifested in big data transmission and high bandwidth requirements, on the other hand, the demand for wireless communication in the industry is transitioning from a single voice cluster to a speech cluster, broadband data, and video application integrated scheduling. In addition, it puts forward higher requirements for performance indicators such as latency and capacity."

However, due to the bottleneck of network bandwidth, users have higher requirements for industry-specific private network wireless communication, which is largely unable to meet the requirements of traditional narrowband private network systems. In this regard, Li Shengli believes that "the combination of clusters and broadband access has become the mainstream of market demand. LTE broadband clusters with high bandwidth, high speed, and full IP addresses are becoming the mainstream demand in the market and are leading the cluster communication into a new 4G era ."

"If we develop a broadband multimedia digital cluster solution based on TD-LTE technology, we can achieve integrated and unified scheduling of professional voice, data and HD video in one network and one terminal. And TD-LTE technology is very advanced, in line with the mainstream international standards, can ensure the long-term evolution of technology ." Li Shengli further pointed out, "TD-LTE can provide greater bandwidth, through more flexible spectrum configuration scheme to improve network efficiency and efficiency of a single base station; at the same time using a single layer structure composed of NodeB, this helps simplify the network and reduce latency."

TD-LTE Broadband Multimedia Digital cluster solution has obvious advantages

Based on the TD-LTE technology to develop broadband multimedia digital cluster ideas, Huawei and dingqiao company jointly launched the TD-LTE Broadband Multimedia Digital cluster solution Witen/eLTE. Zhao yuan, director of marketing operation department of dingqiao company, said that the TD-LTE Broadband Multimedia Digital cluster solution Witen/eLTE not only achieved systematic breakthroughs in key technology research and innovation, it marks that the solution already has the basis for industrialization.

Zhao yuan believes that the latest demands of industry informatization in private networks include: first, private express connect; it also provides unified scheduling and command capabilities for cluster calls, collaborative jobs, data collection, image transmission, and video monitoring. In addition, it needs to be secure, reliable, easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and customized. Witen/eLTE fully meets the above requirements.

According to Zhao yuan, the Witen/eLTE solution is the first to implement centralized cluster scheduling that combines professional voice, data, and HD videos on one network and one terminal, it satisfies the needs of private network users from professional voice, data to HD video, and innovatively realizes professional voice cluster on TD-LTE, the delay of group establishment is less than 300 ms, the call permission application/call permission preemption is less than 200 ms, and the function and performance indicators of the voice cluster have reached the mainstream standard of the international voice cluster TETRA.

In terms of transmission rate, Witen/eLTE for industry-specific network users are different from the use cases of public network users, the uplink wireless data transmission is optimized, in the actual deployment to achieve the TD-LTE uplink ratio. Compared with the traditional private network wireless communication technology, Witen/eLTE greatly improves data transmission capabilities, providing a maximum upstream bandwidth of 50 Mbps and a downstream bandwidth of Mbps, supports normal communication at a speed of 350 km/h.

Especially when spectrum resources are increasingly scarce, Witen/eLTE networking is very flexible. The Witen/eLTE Multimedia Digital cluster system supports multi-band support, from MHz to GHz; supports flexible networking of 1.4 MHz, 3 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz, and 20 MHz bandwidths, enhancing the frequency acquisition and networking flexibility of dedicated network users, witen/eLTE multimedia and digital clusters can be built independently. They can also be used by different departments or enterprise users. They can be configured at the network level and user level to control access to different networks, supports interconnection with PSTN and PLMN, and supports interconnection with other cluster systems through the scheduling station.

In addition, Witen/eLTE multimedia digital clusters provide highly integrated and small distributed base stations and highly integrated core exchange devices, which are highly mobile and easy to deploy and implement broadband mobile emergency communication systems, supports multimedia cluster integration solutions.

"More importantly, foreign digital cluster technology does not open encrypted interfaces to China. Domestic organizations and institutions with high requirements on information security cannot meet the requirements of information security by using foreign cluster technology, restrict the application of clusters in China. "Zhao Yuan said that the Witen/eLTE solution supports empty port encryption and end-to-end encryption. The encryption interface can be opened to meet the customized encryption requirements of Chinese enterprises. This open and integrated broadband cluster makes technology more active ."

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