CMD cursor movement

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ESC: Clears the current command line.
F1: Single character output the last command entered is equivalent to the → function on the arrow keys.
F2: The number of characters can be copied, enter the characters contained in the last command, the system automatically delete the content after this character.
F3: Re-enter the previous input command (the same effect on the arrow keys).
F4: Can delete the number of characters, same as the function of F2.
F5: Equivalent to the function of the ↑ on the arrow keys.
F6: Press the CTRL + Z key on the keyboard quite well.
F7: Displays the command history, gives all previously entered commands in the form of a graphical list window, and optionally executes the command again using the UP and DOWN ARROW keys.
F8: Searches the history of the command, looping through all the commands you have entered, until you press ENTER.
F9: Selects the command by number, asks you to enter the number of the command (starting at 0) in a graphical dialog box, and displays the command on the screen.
Ctrl+h: Deletes one character to the left of the cursor.
CTRL + C or ctrl+break, Force abort command execution.
Ctrl+m: Indicates the Enter confirmation key.
ALT+F7: Clears all previously entered command history records.
Alt+printscreen: Intercepts the contents of the current command window on the screen.
tab: At the command prompt, we can press the TAB key to select the file and folder under the current directory, its selection is in a certain order to do, press the Shift+tab key combination can also be selected in the opposite direction.
ALT + Mouse double-click to open the properties of the current file.
Alt+enter Full screen and press exit.

CMD cursor movement

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