Cmder Setting the default directory when open

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Cmder Setting the default directory when open

Want to open cmder automatically into the working directory, how to configure.

Cmder Config directory has a user-profile.cmd file, this is the startup Cmder automatically executed script, each open will perform a simple join switch to the specified directory:

:: Use this file to run your own startup commands

:: Use in front of the  command to prevent printing the command
  :: Uncomment this to has the SSH agent load when Cmder starts

:: Call "%git_install_root%/cmd/start-ssh-agent.cmd" ::

Uncomment this next, lines to use pageant as the SSH Authentication Agent

:: SET ssh_auth_sock=/tmp/.ssh-pa Geant-auth-sock

:: Call "%git_install_root%/cmd/start-ssh-pageant.cmd"

:: Can add your plugins to the Cmder p Ath like so

:: Set "path=%cmder_root%\vendor\whatever;%path%"


@cd D:\wamp64\www\tools

Alternatively, open the \config\user-aliases.cmd file in the Cmder installation directory to set up shortcuts, such as

st= "D:\Sublime3\sublime_text.exe"//input St To quickly open sublime text 3 w=cd/d d:/wamp64/www// The input w will automatically jump to the d:/wamp64/www/directory.         =CD. Input.. Quick return to previous level folder 

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