Cmder the terminal artifact under Windows

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Windows commonly used terminal has two, ancient cmd and powerful but you do not remember the function PowerShell , both I used a period of time, give me the experience is adequate, the interface is ugly, although win10 can be adjusted under the background color, transparency, font size, Color etc to make it look not so ugly, but still ugly, and it can not achieve my most wanted function, multi-label , why there is this demand, read the following picture you can experience my pain.

I also used Xshell during the period, but it gave me a weird, stiff feel, and Git Bash used it. To tell the truth, I used it purely because I didn't want to use the graphical tool of Sourcetree, but I couldn't remember the function of git, so I had Git Bash to use the intelligent induction to complete the command.

Until then one day, I stumbled across the discovery of someone recommended a terminal Cmder! It's my savior.

function Introduction

Cmderis a terminal software under Windows, it has many advantages

    • Software is compressed package, decompression can be used
    • Support L git , ls , and curl other commands
    • You can customize the terminal
    • offers a variety of topics and can be customized
    • Support multi-label, split screen
    • ...

Download the compressed package directly to the official website and unzip it. It is highly recommended to download the full version of the full version of the GIT tools built-in, very useful!

After the download is complete, unzip to any folder, here I extracted to D:\Program Files\Green\cmder this directory, the recommended path does not appear in Chinese. Double-click Cmder.exe the file to use it directly.

Text to this end, thanks for reading!


Don't get excited! Don't get excited! I know what you want, put down your bricks, please keep looking down.

Environment variables

First we need to configure the environment variables.

    • Variable name Cmder_home
    • The absolute path of the variable value software

If you are not configured, follow my steps to

    1. Right 此电脑 -click, tap属性
    2. Click on 高级系统设置 the left, pop 系统属性窗口 , click the 环境变量 button below
    3. Click the button under System variables 新建
    4. Enter the variable name inside the CMDER_HOME variable value, enter the path you just unzipped D:\Program Files\Green\cmder and click确定
    5. Found under System environment variable path , click on the below编辑按钮
    6. Click in the pop-up window and 新建 enter %CMDER_HOME% Click OK to complete the configuration of the environment variable

If you want to verify that there is no configuration successful, press the win + r key to enter cmder . If the configuration is successful, the Cmder interface will be available.

Right-click menu

Many times, we want to open the terminal directly in a file, in fact, we configure environment variables above is for this step service.

Open as Administrator cmd or PowerShell enter the Cmder.exe /REGISTER ALL execute command, and the setting is complete.

We can open any folder, in the blank space, you can see Cmder Here the words, click here can openCmder

Basic use

After opening the Cmder, use the shortcut key Win + Alt + to open the p Settings screen, or click the menu button in the lower right corner to select Settings or enter the settings screen.

Appearance configuration

If your English is not good, you can set the font and theme in the reference

You can also Main Tab bar set the label and how it is displayed in the taskbar by using the and in the options Task bar .

Set the default terminal

If you have other command that you want to open by Cmder, you can add it in the Startup next Tasks . It has been configured by default for you,,, Cmder PowerShell MinTTY Git Bash .

The default startup is Cmder, if you want to start the other command by default, you can Startup set the command to other

At the same time can also quickly switch the current use of the terminal, if you are in use cmd , then enter a bash return, you can switch the current tab terminal toGit Bash

Chinese and Command ll support

Cmder is not supported in Chinese and ls commands, which requires you to Startup set it up in the next Environment . set LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8and alias ll=ls -al --show-control-chars --color $* add to it Environment . Familiar with the meaning of Linux friends should know alias

Shortcut keys

Very happy to tell you, Cmder a lot of shortcut keys and Chrome is consistent, such as Ctrl + is to close the w current tab, Ctrl + is to switch the Tab label back and forth, Ctrl + is a new label t , you can create a new label by New console splitoption to set the split screen. You can also rename a label by right-clicking a tag. If the default shortcuts are conflicting with the other software you are using, you can modify the Settings Key & Macro shortcut keys in.

Cmder the terminal artifact under Windows

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