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Visited with the CMM-related people, enterprises, advisory bodies, government departments, lasted two months, deeply sophisticated CMM and the implementation of the difficult. Her implementation can fundamentally improve the overall level of a country's software industry. And for Chinese software companies and practitioners, the CMM is just around the corner ...

First, a primer

At the end of 1986, the US "software crisis" was getting worse, and the U.S. federal government wanted a way to assess the capabilities of software vendors, and the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University (SEI) started the process. After careful analysis of the various specific factors leading to the "Software Crisis", Sei's W.s.humphrey and others put forward the concepts of software process, software capability maturity and so on, and with the assistance of Mitre Company, released a "competency maturity framework" in September 1987 (Capability Maturity Framework) and a set of "maturity questionnaires" (maturity questionnaire).

This questionnaire is only a tool to explore the software process maturity, the real model appears in four years. Sei summed up the experience of the "maturity framework" and the first edition of the "Maturity Questionnaire" since 1987, focused on the experience of software company evaluation and extensive user feedback over the past four years, and built an available model based on the "maturity framework". Make this model more effective in helping software companies to build and implement process improvement plans. This model, which was later praised by the global software industry, was launched by the CMM1.0 version.

The real meaning of CMM is "ability Maturity Model", namely the abbreviation of Capability Maturity models.

2 years after the CMM1.0 version was used, SEI held a seminar in April 1992, with more than 200 software experts from across the United States participating in the CMM's thematic recommendations, draft reviews, change assessments, and results tests. According to the feedback from many experts, the 1993 SEI launched a new version of CMM1.1. In recent years, the CMM began to refine and produce several branches, and each branch is constantly producing a new version, aiming at the development of software and the influence of process.

With the gradual deepening of the global informatization and integration process, CMM is profoundly affecting every corner of the global software industry: in the United States and North America, CMM has been widely used, and more and more European and Asian countries are adopting and implementing CMM. Of course, China is no exception to the boom.

The earliest introduction of the CMM system in China was the national defense system and the research departments of some universities, and Motorola (China), which began implementing CMM in 1993 and reached CMM 3 in 1996. But the real impact on the domestic industry is July 6, 1999, by IBM and Tsinghua Tongfang Joint venture Beijing Information System Development Co., Ltd. through the CMM 2 level, this is the domestic large-scale knowledge import CMM an important milestone.

Over the next year, the Chinese software industry has conducted a wide range of discussions and analysis of CMM, the major media have published a large length of the discussion articles, CMM levels of relevant meetings and forums are emerging. People's understanding of CMM is generally through such a process: the concept, the introduction of the idea → triggered by the industry controversy → Software enterprises doubt and affirmation. China's first domestic enterprises through CMM 2 evaluation of the JANUARY 2001 Lenovo Computer Co., Ltd. Software division, which marks the formal Chinese CMM system into the "research, implementation period." At this point, China's software industry began to introduce the upsurge of CMM. CMM service providers are beginning to emerge and become more active.

China began to send personnel to the SEI to learn from, foreign software engineering master also began the first time to look at this piece of Oriental holy soil.

Second, the CMM preacher

An interview with Dr.--ron Radice

The CMM founder has come to preach on a massive scale, and so far there are 2: Ron Radice and his student--CMM director Evaluator, P-CMM founder and designer Bill Curtis.

These two training, is the domestic industry more people for the first time really face CMM ancestor, for in-depth understanding and better implementation of the CMM has an important role.

Ron, the man.

In China, even in the software world, people who know Ron are probably not going to be particularly much. In India, however, Ron is a well-known figure, and thanks to Ron's great contribution to the Indian software industry, the Prime minister has given him a special interview with Ron and praised him for what he has done.

The first time to see Ron is January 16, 2002, Jianguo Hotel, Beijing. A gray-haired, hale-and-hearty old man, laughing and talking about his experience in CMM, was hosted by Dr. Cong, the president of the American Software Engineering industry, and JBM, director of the company.

This story is related to the CMM that I have heard before, but not as remote or as profound as I have heard before. This time, the reporter not only know the CMM more content, but also know the flashing in the old man behind the dazzling halo.

Ron is one of the leading CMM founders and is currently the director of the SEI Software Process Improvement Project Department. His specialty is mainly focused on the following aspects:

Set years of experience and practice of the great success. Ron has been in IBM Technical management position for 23 years, for IBM in the software process and quality assurance management has laid a strategic direction of development. He also taught software engineering at the prestigious Rensselaer Institute of Management in the United States. The tools Ron developed have been rated by the industry as one of the most important 10 major contributions to the software engineering community.

Have a unique understanding and experience of CMM awareness and training. Ron has worked in CMM for more than 30 years. In the 80 's, his team developed a successful on-site assessment methodology that became the pioneer of the spa and SCE methods that later SEI implemented in commercial and government software organizations. The Houston paradigm Most frequently cited in the CMM is also implemented and created by Ron himself. The current dean of SEI and many of the best people in the global CMM field are Ron's assistants or students. Ron created the evaluation company, one of the first companies that the U.S. government has allowed to evaluate externally.

There are a number of software engineering monographs, such as "an Industrial approach", "Software Inspection:past, Present, and Future", "Imagine the possibility" and " Software metrics:a Practical approach and level 5, and many other departments.

Ron has always been the rationale of the word: "The simpler the better, the more effective the better." He believes that in software projects, as long as the software engineering implementation is good, can achieve the "not yet tested, but most of the errors have been excluded" effect.

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