Coal Mine Dust Monitoring System-Requirement Analysis

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Coal Dust hazard is one of the five natural disasters in coal mines and has always been the focus of the coal industry's prevention and control work. From the current development of dust monitoring technology in coal mines at home and abroad, the dust monitoring technology is gradually evolving from single-site measurement in a short time to large-scale online monitoring for a long time. Researchers from various countries have done a lot of research on Coal Mine Dust Monitoring Technology and developed a series of dust detection and monitoring systems.

At present, all State-owned key coal mines in China have installed underground dust-proof equipment systems, and have become an important condition for Coal Mine Standardization standards. However, most of the existing dust removal systems in coal mines are developed for a monitoring object, for example, the underground dust water pressure flow monitoring, Coal Seam Water Injection monitoring equipment, dust source tracking dust suppression system, dust over-limit spray equipment, underground dust removal equipment, etc, these devices and accessories are not universal and independent from each other, and information resources cannot be shared. They are generally installed in different places, neither automatic monitoring nor integrated automatic control has been implemented for its operating conditions, whether the dust suppression effect is up to standard, and whether the equipment is enabled normally, human Monitoring and Control bring a lot of uncertainties, making it more difficult to manage. Most of the dust safety monitoring equipment is a closed system, and the protocol and information exchange standards are set by the manufacturer. As a result, devices of different manufacturers cannot be connected, to achieve centralized monitoring of different operation surfaces and tunnels, multiple complementary and compatible systems are required, resulting in repeated investment in equipment, increased maintenance staff, and a large amount of manpower, material resources, and financial resources are wasted, increase protection costs for coal mine enterprises. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to develop an intelligent underground coal mine safety monitoring and monitoring system, that is, an automatic monitoring and remote control system for dust-proof equipment in coal mines, it is used for automatic monitoring and remote control of all dust control equipment, dust prevention measures and dust prevention effects in various operations, and truly improves the level of Comprehensive Dust Prevention and dust reduction in coal mines. The development of advanced and reliable Remote Intelligent Monitoring Technology for Dust Prevention in coal mines to monitor the dust concentration in the workplace in a timely manner is not only required for dust prevention and scientific management, it is also a requirement to effectively prevent and control major malignant explosion accidents (especially gas and coal dust explosion.

At present, the construction of digital mines has been put forward to the agenda, and the construction of Comprehensive Automation Information Platforms focusing on the whole mine has begun. The national policies on coal mine dust control are also growing, workers' health awareness is also greatly improved, which is also the future development direction of China's coal mines. However, the intelligent Dust Monitoring System of Coal Mines has been a technical gap in China. Therefore, this project is of great significance for the development of China's coal mine dust industry.

I. main research content

(1) Research on dust-proof water channels, spray water pressure and flow monitoring technology;

(2) Research on the implementation method of remote control of the execution mechanism of spray stop;

(3) Research on Remote Monitoring and Control Technology of comprehensive dust-proof equipment in coal face;

(4) Research on Remote Monitoring and Control Technology of comprehensive dust-proof equipment on the heading face;

(5) Remote Monitoring and Control Technology Research on Comprehensive dust-proof equipment in roadway;

(6) Research on Comprehensive information platform technology of dust meters and dust-proof equipment in all mines.

Ii. Objectives

(1) online monitoring of water pressure and volume of all dust-proof Pipelines

(2) online monitoring of opening, shutting down status and flow pressure of all underground spray devices

(3) online monitoring of water pressure, flow and water injection of underground coal injection devices

(4) online monitoring of the hydraulic pressure, flow, opening and closing status of coal mining face Coal Machine and interframe spray

(5) The switch function of all dust-proof spray devices in the underground can be controlled through the ground host.

(6) The parameters of all underground dust suppression devices can be modified through the ground host.

(7) online monitoring of the hydraulic pressure, flow rate and switch status of the spray and dust removal systems for all tunneling face boring machines.

PS: Next, determine the system structure framework

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