Cocoaasyncsocket using Notes

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First go to GitHub's website to download the latest package, then take a look at the introduction. It's written in more detail.


Many of the online posts are old versions. The authorities have introduced Gcdasyncsocket to replace the old Asyncsocket.

My project is No-arc, this frame only has the arc version. So after introducing the gcdasyncsocket. h and. m files, modify the properties of the project in Xcode.

1) Find the compiler for C/C++/OBJECTIVE-C option in "Build Settings" in targets. Change to Apple LLVM compiler 3 only if 3.0 or more

2) Find GCDASYNCSOCKET.M in "Build Phases" in "Compile sources", add parameter-fobj-arc

3) Introduction of Gcdasyncsocket required framework, cfnetwork and security these two

This allows you to use the Gcdasyncsocket library in my No-arc project. The following is the client I wrote to connect Echoserver

-(void) initnetwork{

socket= [[Gcdasyncsocketalloc] InitWithDelegate:selfdelegateQueue:dispatch_get_main_queue ()];

Nserror*error = nil;

if (![ socketconnecttohost:@ "Server IP" onPort: Server port Error:&error]) {

NSLog (@ "is aready connected");



-(void) senddata{

NSLog (@ "Send Message to Server");

Nsdata*datas = [@ "Client send msg" datausingencoding:nsutf8stringencoding];

[Socket Writedata:datas withtimeout:-1 tag:1];//Here the tag is useless

[Socket readdatawithtimeout:-1 tag:1];//This sentence must be added, or the server will not receive the return data


-(void) Socket: (gcdasyncsocket*) sock didconnecttohost: (nsstring*) host port: (uint16_t) port{

NSLog (@ "connected to the server");


-(void) Socket: (gcdasyncsocket*) sock didreaddata: (nsdata*) Data withtag: (long) tag{

Nsstring*msg = [[Nsstringalloc] Initwithdata:data encoding:nsutf8stringencoding];

NSLog (@ "Return message=%@", msg);


-(void) Socketdiddisconnect: (gcdasyncsocket*) sock witherror: (nserror*) err{

NSLog (@ "Close connected");


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Cocoaasyncsocket using Notes

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