Cocos2d Particle System II

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Properties of the particle system:
    • The speed at which particles are emitted
    • Gravity mode (Mode a):
      • Gravity
      • Direction
      • Speed +-Change
      • Tangential acceleration +-change
      • Radial Acceleration +-change
    • Radius mode (mode B):
      • Start radius +-Change
      • End RADIUS +-Change
      • Rotate +-Change
    • Common Properties for all modes:
      • Life
      • Start rotation
      • End rotation
      • Start size
      • End Dimension
      • Start color
      • End Color
      • Life
      • Synthetic functions
      • Texture
COCOS2D supports particles generated by particle designer ( "radius mode" in particle The designer uses a fixed 30hz frequency, but the frequency is variable in the cocos2d, but the results remain consistent. COCOS2D supports all the variables in particle designer, and a little bit more:
    • Particle rotation (for particlesystemquad)
    • Tangent acceleration (gravity mode)
    • Radial Acceleration (Gravity mode)
    • Radius direction (RADIUS mode) (particle designer only supports outward and inward orientation)
All of the above properties are mutable at run time, such as: [CPP]View Plaincopy
    1. Emitter.radialaccel = 15;
    2. Emitter.startspin = 0;
Different places:
cocos2d-x-2.x cocos2d-x-3.x
kCCParticleDefaultCapacity kParticleDefaultCapacity
ParticleSystem::Mode kCCParticleModeGravity ParticleSystem::Mode::GRAVITY
ParticleSystem::Mode kCCParticleModeRadius ParticleSystem::Mode::RADIUS
N/A typedef ParticleSystem::PositionType tPositionType
    • More than 20 inline functions are defined in the header file to replace macros like Cc_property (VarType, VarName, Funname) and Cc_property_readonly (VarType, VarName, Funname)
cocos2d-x-2.x cocos2d-x-3.x
CC_PROPERTY(int, m_nEmitterMode, EmitterMode) Mode _emitterMode;inline Mode getEmitterMode() const { return _emitterMode; };inline void setEmitterMode(Mode mode) { _emitterMode = mode; };
CC_PROPERTY(CCParticleBatchNode*, m_pBatchNode, BatchNode) ParticleBatchNode* _batchNode;virtual ParticleBatchNode* getBatchNode() const;virtual void setBatchNode(ParticleBatchNode* batchNode);
CC_PROPERTY_READONLY(unsigned int, m_uParticleCount, ParticleCount) int _particleCount;inline unsigned int getParticleCount() const { return _particleCount; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fDuration, Duration) float _duration;inline float getDuration() const { return _duration; };inline void setDuration(float duration) { _duration = duration; };
CC_PROPERTY_PASS_BY_REF(CCPoint, m_tSourcePosition, SourcePosition) Point _sourcePosition;inline const Point& getSourcePosition() const { return _sourcePosition; };inline void setSourcePosition(const Point& pos) { _sourcePosition = pos; };
CC_PROPERTY_PASS_BY_REF(CCPoint, m_tPosVar, PosVar) Point _posVar;inline const Point& getPosVar() const { return _posVar; };inline void setPosVar(const Point& pos) { _posVar = pos; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fLife, Life) float _life;inline float getLife() const { return _life; };inline void setLife(float life) { _life = life; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fLifeVar, LifeVar) float _lifeVar;inline float getLifeVar() const { return _lifeVar; };inline void setLifeVar(float lifeVar) { _lifeVar = lifeVar; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fAngle, Angle) float _angle;inline float getAngle() const { return _angle; };inline void setAngle(float angle) { _angle = angle; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fAngleVar, AngleVar) float _angleVar;inline float getAngleVar() const { return _angleVar; };inline void setAngleVar(float angleVar) { _angleVar = angleVar; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fStartSize, StartSize) float _startSize;inline float getStartSize() const { return _startSize; };inline void setStartSize(float startSize) { _startSize = startSize; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fStartSizeVar, StartSizeVar) float _startSizeVar;inline float getStartSizeVar() const { return _startSizeVar; };inline void setStartSizeVar(float sizeVar) { _startSizeVar = sizeVar; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fEndSize, EndSize) float _endSize;inline float getEndSize() const { return _endSize; };inline void setEndSize(float endSize) { _endSize = endSize; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fEndSizeVar, EndSizeVar) float _endSizeVar;inline float getEndSizeVar() const { return _endSizeVar; };inline void setEndSizeVar(float sizeVar) { _endSizeVar = sizeVar; };
CC_PROPERTY_PASS_BY_REF(ccColor4F, m_tStartColor, StartColor) Color4F _startColor;inline const Color4F& getStartColor() const { return _startColor; };inline void setStartColor(const Color4F& color) { _startColor = color; };
CC_PROPERTY_PASS_BY_REF(ccColor4F, m_tStartColorVar, StartColorVar) Color4F _startColorVar;inline const Color4F& getStartColorVar() const { return _startColorVar; };inline void setStartColorVar(const Color4F& color) { _startColorVar = color; };
CC_PROPERTY_PASS_BY_REF(ccColor4F, m_tEndColorVar, EndColorVar) Color4F _endColorVar;inline const Color4F& getEndColor() const { return _endColor; };inline void setEndColor(const Color4F& color) { _endColor = color; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fStartSpin, StartSpin) float _startSpin;inline float getStartSpin() const { return _startSpin; };inline void setStartSpin(float spin) { _startSpin = spin; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fStartSpinVar, StartSpinVar) float _startSpinVar;inline float getStartSpinVar() const { return _startSpinVar; };inline void setStartSpinVar(float pinVar) { _startSpinVar = pinVar; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fEndSpin, EndSpin) float _endSpinVar;inline float getEndSpin() const { return _endSpin; };inline void setEndSpin(float endSpin) { _endSpin = endSpin; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fEndSpinVar, EndSpinVar) float _endSpinVar;inline float getEndSpinVar() const { return _endSpinVar; };inline void setEndSpinVar(float endSpinVar) { _endSpinVar = endSpinVar; };
CC_PROPERTY(float, m_fEmissionRate, EmissionRate) float _emissionRate;inline float getEmissionRate() const { return _emissionRate; };inline void setEmissionRate(float rate) { _emissionRate = rate; };
CC_PROPERTY(unsigned int, m_uTotalParticles, TotalParticles) int _totalParticles;virtual int getTotalParticles() const;virtual void setTotalParticles(int totalParticles);
CC_PROPERTY(CCTexture2D*, m_pTexture, Texture) Texture2D* _texture;virtual Texture2D* getTexture() const override;virtual void setTexture(Texture2D *texture) override;
CC_PROPERTY(ccBlendFunc, m_tBlendFunc, BlendFunc) BlendFunc _blendFunc;virtual void setBlendFunc(const BlendFunc &blendFunc) override;virtual const BlendFunc &getBlendFunc() const override;
CC_PROPERTY(bool, m_bOpacityModifyRGB, OpacityModifyRGB) bool _opacityModifyRGB;inline void setOpacityModifyRGB(bool opacityModifyRGB) { _opacityModifyRGB = opacityModifyRGB; };inline bool isOpacityModifyRGB() const { return _opacityModifyRGB; };CC_DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE inline bool getOpacityModifyRGB() const { return isOpacityModifyRGB(); }
CC_PROPERTY(tCCPositionType, m_ePositionType, PositionType) PositionType _positionType;inline PositionType getPositionType() const { return _positionType; };inline void setPositionType(PositionType type) { _positionType = type; };
CC_SYNTHESIZE(unsigned int, m_uAtlasIndex, AtlasIndex) int _atlasIndex;inline int getAtlasIndex() const { return _atlasIndex; };inline void setAtlasIndex(int index) { _atlasIndex = index; };
    • Added two properties in 3.x std::string _configname; and int _ycoordflipped;
Ccparticlesystemquad and Particlesystemquad are similar: Inheritance Diagram Particlesystemquad is a subclass of Particlesystem. It contains all the features in the Particlesystem. Here are some of its unique features and limitations:
    • The particle size can be any float value;
    • The system can be scaled;
    • particles can be rotated;
    • Support Subrects (do not know how to translate, "sub-moment" did not understand their own)
    • Support for batch rendering starting from version 1.1
Different places: 3.x does not change, like in 2.x using 3.x class can be, more details click here for example:
    • Here is an example of Particlesystem:
/*cocos2d-x-2.xCcsize size = Ccdirector::shareddirector ()->getwinsize ();particlesystemquad* M_emitter = particlesystemquad::createwithtotalparticles (900);M_emitter->settexture (Cctexturecache::sharedtexturecache ()->addimage ("Fire.png"));*/cocos2d-x-3.xAutoSize=Director::GetInstance()-Getwinsize();AutoM_emitter=Particlesystemquad::Createwithtotalparticles(900);M_emitter-SetTexture(Director::GetInstance()-Gettexturecache()-AddImage("Fire.png"));The code below we can use both in 2.x and 3.xM_emitter-Setduration(-1);M_emitter-Setgravity(Point(0,-240));In cocos2d-x-2.x ccpoint (0, -240) is usedM_emitter-Setangle(90);M_emitter-Setanglevar(360);M_emitter-Setradialaccel(50);M_emitter-Setradialaccelvar(0);M_emitter-Settangentialaccel(30);M_emitter-Settangentialaccelvar(0);M_emitter-SetPosition(Point(Size.Width/2,Size.Height));M_emitter-Setposvar(Point(400,0));M_emitter-Setlife(4);M_emitter-Setlifevar(2);M_emitter-Setstartspin(30);M_emitter-Setstartspinvar(60);M_emitter-Setendspin(60);M_emitter-Setendspinvar(60);M_emitter-Setstartcolor(color4f(255,255,255,1));M_emitter-Setstartcolorvar(color4f(0,0,0,0));M_emitter-Setendcolor(color4f(255,255,255,1));M_emitter-Setendcolorvar(color4f(0,0,0,0));M_emitter->setstartsize (30m_emitter->setstartsizevar ( 0m_emitter->setendsize ( 20.0f); m_emitter->setendsizevar (0 ); m_emitter->setemissionrate ( 100addchild (m_emitter,10                
    • You can also use the following sub-classes of cow B to easily create some commonly used particle effects
      • Particleexplosion, Particlefire, Particlefireworks, Particleflower, Particlegalaxy, Particlemeteor, ParticleRain, Particlesmoke, Particlesnow, Particlespiral, Particlesun

Cocos2d Particle System II

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