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XIFriends who love my tutorials, maybe think that my articles in recent months are more new and slow, it is because I secretly write the book of Cocos2d-x (if: Hey, you like to secretly ~!).

The book has entered the typographical editing stage. Now I want to give my book a proper name. I hope you can come up with me to get a name.

ContentsI have three names that I liked before:

The story of Cocos2d-x and Game Development

Cocos2d-x game development journey

When Cocos2d-x meets Game Development

I hope you can vote together and select the name of the book you like. Of course, if you have a good name, you are also very welcome.

Voting method: reply to this article, write the name of your favorite book, and attach your email address.

After the voting is over (I will publish a new article to notify you that the voting is over), I will randomly select one of my friends who replied to this Article. After this book is published, I will give it to the winning friend.

MostAfter that, we will attach a general directory and content description of this book. Please select a name suitable for the book style (similar to the tutorial style of my blog) based on the content.

Main content of this book

1. Introduce the basic knowledge of Cocos2d-x, including the basic structure, controls, actions and the use of screen touch events.

2. to introduce the higher level of Cocos2d-x content, this includes improved rendering efficiency, packaging of animations, texturepacker images, tiled map game instances, timers, function callbacks, memory management, data storage, and CSV file reading.

3. Introduce the knowledge and application of Lua and finite state machine.

4. Share the idea and implementation process of custom UI Module Based on Cocos2d-x.

5. explain in detail the development ideas and processes of the anti-tower games card tower guard.

6. share common errors and solutions during Cocos2d-x development.


Chapter 1 Opening Ceremony

1.1 appearance Profile

1.2 admission requirements-This book adapts to the population

1.3 This is a bit bad-book style

1.4 you need these skills-what do you need to learn Cocos2d-x?

1.5 hey, why are we learning Cocos2d-x?

1.6 first, let's look for a warm home for our code-building the environment

1.7 advertising time-provide some learning resources

Chapter 2: helloworld

2.1 simple to unimaginable-directly run the hellocpp Project

2.2 bad, trouble creating a Cocos2d-x project-successfully creating a helloworld

2.3 helloworld, not as simple as imagined-Simple Analysis of helloworld

2.4 The instance has arrived

Chapter 2 let's learn how to crawl

3.1 World Tour-scenario

3.2 The dominance of everything-Director

3.3 you go to yours, I go to my -- Layer

3.4 more cute than objects-The genie is coming

3.5 hey, I have to run the command -- menu

3.6 As a backpacker-node

Chapter 2 let's learn how to walk

4.1 guitar solo "City of the Sky"-Playing sound

4.2 controls 1-my favorite Nine Sisters and button events

4.3 controls 2 -- I am not a DJ round volume button

4.4 controls 3-The amount of blood I want to fight

4.5 Action 1-simple exercise

4.6 Action 2-more complex motion

4.7 Action 3-last

4.8 screen touch events

Chapter 1 is the time to run -- littlerunner

5.1 What is this game?

5.2 find a leading character back-create a leading character genie

5.3 In fact, she doesn't want to run-create an infinitely scrolling Map

5.4 Happy Time -- let the protagonist jump up

5.5 money temptation-join monsters

5.6 monitor everything-create score labels and blood size items

Chapter 2 genie Season 2

6.1 a big wave of genie attacks-defects of a large number of Elves being drawn separately

6.2 install the same genie on the car-use ccspritebatchnode for optimal Rendering

6.3 What should I do if I encounter different genie? -- Use texturepacker

6.4 is an animation, not an action! -- Ccanimation

Chapter 4 running a game instance

7.1 richer world-use tiled maps

7.2 hey, train new people-create new protagonists

7.3 more intelligent protagonist-Add a role Controller

7.4 more content

Chapter 1 how to use multithreading for timer? You're crazy! -- Schedule is powerful

8.1 Introduction to schedule

8.2 each frame has me -- scheduleupdate and update

8.3 The timer can do this-schedule and callback function

8.4 stop everything -- unschedule

8.5 trigger can do this-scheduleonce and callback function

8.6 extra gifts, I always pay attention to the girl I am in crush-Observer Mode

Chapter 4 survival training

What do you do if Master 9.1 is gone? -- Learn to view the official demo

9.2 learn sooner or later-learn to view the demo source code

9.3 don't forget Open Source-learn to view Cocos2d-x source code

9.4 The best choice of things, useless will be eliminated-retain and release

9.5 more tips

9.6 I can get rid of the nightmare of compilation! -- Read the CSV configuration file

Chapter 1 do not eat during sleep! -- Finite State Machine

10.1 spend 5 minutes telling you what a finite state machine is

10.2 I am fat but strong in status Mode

10.3 The real state machine is coming.

10.4 event-driven, powerful as you cannot imagine

Chapter 3: I am better than CSV-powerful Lua

11.1 connecting Lua and C ++

11.2 Demo: Connecting Lua and C ++

11.3 simple parsing of Lua Stack

11.4 obtain the structure data of the Lua table.

11.5 C ++ calls the Lua Function

11.6 Lua calls C ++ Functions

Chapter 2 additional contribution: state machine code generation tool-SMC

12.1 speed up state machine development-What is SMC?

12.2 always starts with helloworld

12.3 SMC instance-SMC wood writing code

Chapter 2 self-reliance-write a UI module by yourself

13.1 At the beginning, you must take a look at it easily-Overview of the UI module ideas

13.2 XML file and attribute Module

13.3 try something sweet-try creating a control now!

13.4 The main character is coming-components, also called controls

13.5 Control Management Module

13.6 control factory

13.7 more complete UI Module

Chapter 4 dedication-The card tower anti-DDoS game (Part 1), which was born due to laziness)

14.1 opening-the final game instance

14.2 departure-level editor

14.3 cutting firewood without mistake-preparation knowledge

Chapter 4 dedication-The card tower anti-DDoS game (Part 2), which was born due to laziness)

15.1 heroes

15.2 monsters struck

15.3 hero attack

15.4 gorgeous Decoration

Chapter 4 dedication-The card tower anti-DDoS game (final), which was born due to laziness)

16.1 level information UI
16.2 curtain call

16.3 port the game to the Android platform

Chapter 5 additional things

17.1 Common Errors and Solutions

17.2 last

The design of the first draft of the book cover (not final) is attached ):

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