Cocos2d-x-lua game two scenarios switch between MainScene01 switch to MainScene02

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Scenario 1 lua code


Require "MainScene02"

Local dic_size = CCDirector: shareddire(): getWinSize ()
Local win_w = dic_size.width
Local win_h = dic_size.height

Local cclog = function (...)
Print (string. format (...))

Function MainScene_01 ()

Local self = CCLayer: create ()

-- Click btn
Local function clickMenu_scene ()
-- Switch scenario <special effect>
Local fadatex = CCTransitionFlipX: create (1, _ main02 ())
CCDirector: shareddire(): replaceScene (fad%x)

-- Initialize related scenario Elements
Local function init ()

Cclog ("... this is init thing ......")
-- Put a bg pic
Local pSrite = CCSprite: create ("bg_store.png ")
PSrite: setPosition (ccp (win_w/2, win_h/2 ))
PSrite: setScaleX (win_w/pSrite: getContentSize (). width)
Self: addChild (pSrite)

-- Create a Button Menu
Local btn = CCMenuItemImage: create ("btn_store_normal.png", "btn_store_selected.png ")
Btn: setPosition (ccp (win_w/2, win_h/2 ))
Btn: registerScriptTapHandler (clickMenu_scene) -- Add button and click trigger event
Local btn_menu = CCMenu: createWithItem (btn)
Btn_menu: setPosition (ccp (0, 0 ))
Self: addChild (btn_menu)


Init () -- get init method

Return self

Function _ main01 ()
Local scene = CCScene: create ()
Scene: addChild (MainScene_01 ())
Local dic = CCDirector: shareddire ()
Dic: setDisplayStats (false)
-- CCEGLView: Export dopenglview (): setDesignResolutionSize (960,480, kResolutionShowAll)
-- CCEGLView: Export dopenglview (): setDesignResolutionSize (480,800, kResolutionShowAll)
Dic: runWithScene (scene)

_ Main01 () -- call Method


Scenario 2 lua code


Local dic_size = CCDirector: shareddire(): getWinSize ()
Local win_w = dic_size.width
Local win_h = dic_size.height

-- Initialize the layer elements of the second scenario
Local function MainScene_02 ()

Local layer = CCLayer: create ()
Local cclog = function (...)
Print (string. format (...))
-- Trigger by clicking the button
Local function clickMainScene02_pop ()
Cclog ("this is clicked" .. "btn 02 ")
Local fins = layer: getChildByTag (100)
Fins: setVisible (true)


Cclog ("this is a new scenario to switch ....... ")
-- Create Layer
-- Local layer = CCLayer: create ()
-- Initialize each element of the scenario
Local function inits ()
-- Initialize the background of the second scenario
Local bgSprite = CCSprite: create ("bg_mainmenu.png ")
BgSprite: setPosition (ccp (win_w/2, win_h/2 ))
BgSprite: setScaleX (win_w/bgSprite: getContentSize (). width)
Layer: addChild (bgSprite)
-- Add button
Local popMenu = CCMenuItemImage: create ("menu1.png", "menu1.png ")
PopMenu: registerScriptTapHandler (clickMainScene02_pop)
PopMenu: setScale (2)
PopMenu: setPosition (ccp (win_w/2, win_h/2 ))
Local okMenu = CCMenu: createWithItem (popMenu)
OkMenu: setPosition (ccp (0, 0 ))
Layer: addChild (okMenu)
Local showSp = CCSprite: create ("menu2.png ")
ShowSp: setTag (100)
ShowSp: setAnchorPoint (ccp (0, 0 ))
ShowSp: setPosition (ccp (win_w/2, win_h/2 ))
ShowSp: setVisible (false)
Layer: addChild (showSp)


Inits ()
Handle touch events
Local function onTouchBegan ()

Cclog ("xiaoshba -------------")
Layer: getChildByTag (100): setVisible (false)

Return true

Local function onTouchMoved ()
Cclog ("onTouchMoved ")
Local function onTouchEnded ()
Cclog ("onTouchEnded ")
-- Hide the menu when any touch occurs.
Layer: getChildByTag (100): setVisible (false)

Local function onTouch (eventTye, x, y)
If eventType = "began" then
Return onTouchBegan (x, y)
Elseif eventType = "moved" then
Return onTouchMoved (x, y)
Return onTouchEnded (x, y)

-- Register a touch event
Layer: setTouchEnabled (true)
Layer: registerScriptTouchHandler (onTouch)

Return layer

Function _ main02 ()
Local sc02 = CCScene: create ()
Sc02: addChild (MainScene_02 ())
Return sc02

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