Cocos2d-x "Thunder War"-The elf moves with the finger, you point where I go!

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In order to realize the airplane game, the person's finger presses the airplane, can drag the plane to move around, here realizes when your finger presses on the picture of the mobile phone, the finger always presses the screen, the airplane will follow you to walk. At the same time, the boundary condition is added to allow the aircraft to move in your field of view, and the effect is exactly the same as the aircraft game on our mobile phone.


650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" float: none; "title=" C1.gif "alt=" Wkiom1t8qyfjnzlgabqxnlhvpjq526.gif "/>

Cocos2d-x Version: 3.4

Engineering Environment: VS30213

first, code writing

/***@ author   Lin Bingwen (e-mail: [email protected]) *@ blog*@ time  2015.3.8*@ function   The main interface of the game */#ifndef  __GameMain_H__#define __GameMain_H__#include  "BackLayerDown.h" #include   "BackLayerUp.h" #include   "Cocos2d.h" using_ns_cc;class gamemain : public cocos2d: : Layer{public:    static cocos2d::scene* createscene ();     Virtual bool init ();        virtual bool  Ontouchbegan (cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event);     Virtual void ontouchmoved (cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event);     virtual void ontoucheened (cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event * unused_event);     virtual void ontouchcancelled (Cocos2d::Touch *touch,  cocos2d::event *unused_even);        create_func (gamemain);p rivate:    bool  Whether the isheroplanecontrol;//aircraft is controlled by the X offset of the     float mdeltax;//hero plane as it moves with the finger      float mdeltay;//the y offset of the hero plane as it moves with the finger     sprite *mheroplane;//hero plane}; #endif    __gamemain_h__
#include   "GameMain.h" USING_NS_CC; Scene* gamemain::createscene () {    auto scene = scene::create ();     auto layer = gamemain::create ();     scene->addchild ( layer);     return scene;} Bool gamemain::init () {    size visiblesize = director::getinstance ()- >getvisiblesize ();     point origin = director::getinstance () Getvisibleorigin ();     //This is the ground layer     this->addchild (BackLayerUp:: Create ());     //This is the Baiyun layer     this->addchild (Backlayerdown::create ());     //plus a plane     mheroplane = sprite::create ("Air1.png");     mheroplane->setposition (VEC2 (visiblesize.width / 2, visiblesize.height  / 5));     this->aDdchild (mheroplane, 1, 100);    isheroplanecontrol = false;     //open touch, Increase touch Listen event     this->settouchenabled (true);     auto listen = eventlistenertouchonebyone::create ();    listen-> Ontouchbegan = cc_callback_2 ( gamemain::ontouchbegan,this);    listen-> Ontouchmoved = cc_callback_2 (gamemain::ontouchmoved, this);    listen-> Ontouchended = cc_callback_2 (gamemain::ontoucheened, this);    listen-> Ontouchcancelled = cc_callback_2 (gamemain::ontouchcancelled, this);     Listen->setswallowtouches (false);     director::getinstance ()->geteventdispatcher ()- >addeventlistenerwithscenegraphpriority (listen,this);     return true;} Bool  gamemain::ontouchbegan (COCOs2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event) {         point mheropos = mheroplane->getposition ();    point  Mbeganpos = touch->getlocationinview ();     mbeganpos = director:: GetInstance ()->converttogl (mbeganpos);     //determine if the current finger is in the area of the hero plane, and calculate the offset when the plane is moving      if  (Mbeganpos.x > mheropos.x - mheroplane->getcontentsize (). Width / 2 && mbeganpos.x<mheropos.x + mheroplane->getcontentsize () . width / 2 &&        mbeganpos.y>mheropos.y  - mheroplane->getcontentsize () .height / 2 && mbeganpos.y <  mheropos.y + mheroplane->getcontentsize (). height / 2) {         isheroplanecontrol = true;        //Calculation offset          mDeltaX = mBeganPos.x - mHeroPos.x;         mDeltaY = mBeganPos.y - mHeroPos.y;    }     return true;} Void  gamemain::ontouchmoved (cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event) {     if  (Isheroplanecontrol) {        point  mmovedpos = touch->getlocationinview ();         Mmovedpos = director::getinstance ()->converttogl (Mmovedpos);         size visiblesize = director::getinstance ()->getvisiblesize ();         point origin = director::getinstance ()->getVisibleOrigin ();        float x = mmovedpos.x - mdeltax;// Remember to subtract offsets         float y = mMovedPos.y -  mdeltay;            if  (x <=  Mheroplane->getcontentsize (). width / 2 + origin.x)//x reach left edge of screen              x = mheroplane->getcontentsize (). width /  2 + origin.x;        else if  (x >=  visiblesize.width - mheroplane->getcontentsize (). width / 2)//x reach the right edge of the screen              x = visibleSize.width -  Mheroplane->getcontentsize () .width / 2;        if  (y  <= mheroplane->getcoNtentsize (). height / 2 + origin.y)//y reach the bottom edge of the screen              y = mheroplane->getcontentsize () .height / 2 +  origin.y;        else if  (y >=  Visiblesize.height - mheroplane->getcontentsize (). height / 2)//x reach screen top border              y = visibleSize.height -  Mheroplane->getcontentsize (). height/ 2;        //Aircraft Follow Finger movement         mheroplane->setposition (VEC2 (x, y));     }}void  gamemain::ontoucheened (cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event) {     isheroplanecontrol = false;} Void  gamemain::ontouchcancelled (Cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event&nbsP;*unused_even) {    isheroplanecontrol = false;} 

I'll say the main function here:

Header file to increase touch events:

virtual bool Ontouchbegan (Cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event);    virtual void ontouchmoved (Cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event);    virtual void ontoucheened (Cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event); virtual void ontouchcancelled (Cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_even);

Implement file-on-touch event monitoring:

Open touch, Increase touch Listen event this->settouchenabled (true);    Auto Listen = Eventlistenertouchonebyone::create ();    Listen->ontouchbegan = Cc_callback_2 (gamemain::ontouchbegan,this);    listen->ontouchmoved = Cc_callback_2 (gamemain::ontouchmoved, this);    listen->ontouchended = Cc_callback_2 (gamemain::ontoucheened, this);    listen->ontouchcancelled = Cc_callback_2 (gamemain::ontouchcancelled, this);    Listen->setswallowtouches (FALSE); Director::getinstance ()->geteventdispatcher ()->addeventlistenerwithscenegraphpriority (listen,this);

Then there is the handling of the touch event:

Bool  gamemain::ontouchbegan (cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event) {         point mheropos = mheroplane->getposition ();     point mbeganpos = touch->getlocationinview ();     mbeganpos = director::getinstance ()->converttogl (mbeganpos);     // Determines whether the current finger presses the area of the hero plane, and calculates the offset of the aircraft to be moved     if  (mbeganpos.x > mheropos.x  - mheroplane->getcontentsize () .width / 2 && mbeganpos.x< Mheropos.x + mheroplane->getcontentsize () .width / 2 &&         mbeganpos.y>mheropos.y - mheroplane->getcontentsize (). Height  / 2 && mBeganPos.y < mHeroPos.y + mHeroPlane-> Getcontentsize (). height / 2) {&NBSP;&NBSP;&Nbsp;     isheroplanecontrol = true;         //Calculate offset         mdeltax = mbeganpos.x -  mHeroPos.x;        mDeltaY = mBeganPos.y -  Mheropos.y;    }    return true;} Void  gamemain::ontouchmoved (cocos2d::touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_event) {     if  (Isheroplanecontrol) {        point  mmovedpos = touch->getlocationinview ();         Mmovedpos = director::getinstance ()->converttogl (Mmovedpos);         size visiblesize = director::getinstance ()->getvisiblesize ();         point origin = direcTor::getinstance ()->getvisibleorigin ();         float x =  mmovedpos.x - mdeltax;//remember to subtract the offset         float y  = mMovedPos.y - mDeltaY;             if  (X <= mheroplane->getcontentsize () .width / 2 +  origin.x)//x reach the left edge of the screen             x =  Mheroplane->getcontentsize () .width / 2 + origin.x;         else if  (X >= visiblesize.width - mheroplane->getcontentsize () . width / 2)//x reach the right edge of the screen             x  = visiblesize.width - mheroplane->getcontentsize () .width / 2;         if&nbSP; (Y <= mheroplane->getcontentsize (). height / 2 + origin.y)//y reach the bottom edge of the screen             y = mHeroPlane-> Getcontentsize () .height / 2 + origin.y;         else if  (Y >= visiblesize.height - mheroplane->getcontentsize (). Height &NBSP;/&NBSP;2)//x reach the on-screen border             y =  visiblesize.height - mheroplane->getcontentsize () .height/ 2;     The     //aircraft follows the finger to move the         mheroplane->setposition ( VEC2 (x, y));     }}void  gamemain::ontoucheened (cocos2d::touch *touch,  cocos2d::event *unused_event) {    isheroplanecontrol = false;} Void  gamemain::ontouchcancelled (cocos2d::Touch *touch, cocos2d::event *unused_even) {    isheroplanecontrol =  false;}

The method is very simple, the code is very small, there is a need to take the above himself, the picture to change, change the name of the class can be.

In fact, this should be a hero and mobile events to write a separate class, and then in the Gamemain to call, because the hero of this Class I also conceived, so first write, the hero will be the plane to separate out to become a class, will not be written in gamemain so much;


650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" float: none; "title=" C1.gif "alt=" Wkiom1t8qyfjnzlgabqxnlhvpjq526.gif "/>

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" float: none; "title=" C2.gif "alt=" Wkiol1t8rextt8-waa275rbxn4o876.gif "/>

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" float: none; "title=" C3.gif "alt=" Wkiom1t8qy3jgfhpabubzi5igxk095.gif "/>

The effect is good, the plane can follow the movement and will not run out of the screen range

second, the idea explanation

1, first in the Ontouchbegan to determine whether the touch point in the hero plane picture rectangle, if within this range, just set the Boolean Mheroplanecontrol to True, and calculate the touch point of the horizontal ordinate and the Hero aircraft Anchor Point coordinates of the difference.

2, because to allow the hero plane to move, to modify the anchor position, you must know the location of the anchor point and the offset of the touch position, before you can set the position of the protagonist through this offset.

3, judge whether the hero plane ran out of the screen range, if it is, set it at the border, look at the above two if judgment.

4. In ontouchmoved, if Mheroplanecontrol is true, the hero plane can be moved.

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Cocos2d-x "Thunder War"-The elf moves with the finger, you point where I go!

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