Cocos2d-x Study Materials Collection

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cocos2d-x Study data collection:
Recommended reasons: Chinese you do not see, do you want to see English.

2.cocos2d-x English Forum:
Recommended reasons: There may be a lot of questions others have asked, although it is in English, you can not find the answer in Chinese, try this bar ~

3. Network:
Recommended reasons: So cattle site, you can not know, have a number of technical Daniel to the foreign language translation, there are them in, you do not need to understand English. Wood I am also a member of this website's tutorial group (not involved in translation ~) ~ (hello. This is the real reason for your recommendation. )

4. Nine SEC Club:
Recommended reason: Provide many game source (not only cocos2d-x), although a bit messy, but, want to find some source, come here to see it

5. Free Material:
Recommended reasons: Learn to create a game, where no material, but also in the export of other people's material. Not good, this site has a lot of free material, can be used casually. The main view of the use of the agreement, if the CC0 agreement can be used casually (business can)'s Blog:
Recommended reasons: Novice is the most annoying is serious and difficult to understand the tutorial, this guy wrote the tutorial, let you forget what is worry ~ Although the wood my tutorial is this kind of style, but about cocos2d-x3.0 tutorial I write less, so, friendship recommended his ~ps:star is also a blog expert, Quality is guaranteed ~

7. and
Recommended reasons: These two search sites are definitely the best learning materials, not one. Take advantage of them, and this is the best paving stone for growth.

8.cocos2d-x Chinese official website:

Recommended reasons: The former Chinese official website is really offensive, others do not say, also thought Cocos2d-x is a foreigner whole ~ this good, in the civil service net finally big revision, information is complete.


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