Cocos2d_x + Lua [2] -- use the texturepacker texture packer

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Advantages of texturepacke:
1. Memory problems. The width and height of OpenGL textures and the memory used will automatically expand to the Npower of 2. For example, 257*257 will be used for 512*512, and mobile phone memory is a rare resource,
2. In terms of rendering speed, we should try to reduce the texture switching during rendering. If we do not pack the image, the texture rendering efficiency will be reduced once every image is switched. In order to increase the loading speed, splice multiple small images into a large image, load them at a time, and reduce I/O

: Http://

Data format: Format of the engine supported for export data file: export file path (such as image. plist) Texture format: texture Format Image Format: image pixel format dithering: Jitter, default nearestneighbour


Cache = ccspriteframecache: sharedspriteframecache () cache: addspriteframeswithfile ("resource/tilemap/test/image. plist "," resource/tilemap/test/image.png "); sprite = ccsprite: spritewithspriteframename (" 2.jpg ")

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