Cocos2dx 3. X to create a Layer

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1. Create a class file. Note that the directory is under classes, otherwise the file cannot be found normally.

2. Modify the pre-compilation header. If vs is used, the default value is # pragma once. For compatibility, change to # ifndef | # define | # endif

3. Add the cocos2d. h header file.

4. inherit from cocos2d: layer. The default value is private inheritance. It must be changed to public inheritance.

5. Add Init () and create_func ()

6. Implement Init ()

7. Add createscene (). Optional.

The most basic code:

//GameLayer.h#ifndef _GAMELAYER_H#define _GAMELAYER_H#include "cocos2d.h"class GameLayer : public cocos2d::Layer{public:GameLayer();~GameLayer();public:virtual bool init();CREATE_FUNC(GameLayer);public: static cocos2d::Scene* createScene();};#endif // _GAMELAYER_H
// GameLayer.cpp#include "GameLayer.h"USING_NS_CC;// 构造函数,如有对象成员,需要在此初始化GameLayer::GameLayer(){}// 析构GameLayer::~GameLayer(){}//虚函数,初始化,当执行本类的create()函数时会被自动调用bool GameLayer::init(){bool bl = Layer::init();// 加入内容return bl;}// Scene的入口,通过该函数进入LayerScene* GameLayer::createScene(){auto scene = Scene::create();auto layer = GameLayer::create();scene->addChild(layer);return scene;}
// 直接进入auto layer = GameLayer::createScene();Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(layer);

// 特效进入auto layer = GameLayer::createScene();auto slidein = TransitionSlideInL::create(1.0f, layer);Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(slidein);

// 进入特效完之后才发生//声明虚函数virtual void onEnterTransitionDidFinish();
 Add Timer  
// GameLayer.hprivate:// 声明void gameStep(float dt);
// GamaLayer.cpp// 实现void GameLayer::gameStep(float dt){//bg->move();}void GameLayer::startGame(){// 调用this->schedule(SEL_SCHEDULE(&GameLayer::gameStep), 0.02f);}

Cocos2dx 3. X to create a Layer

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