cocos2dx-3.1 access to multi-League advertising Sdk+android (2)

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In the previous article, the basic work is done, next, in C + + to add code.

1. Open Project under Win32 and add a class. Domobad. Code such as the following,

<pre name= "code" class= "CPP" > #if (cc_target_platform = = cc_platform_android) #include <jni.h> #include " Platform/android/jni/jnihelper.h "//#include <android/log.h> #include" cocos2d.h "#endifusing namespace cocos2d ; class Domobad{public:domobad (); virtual ~domobad (); static void Showinterstitial ();/*static void Initinterstitial (); static void Showbanner (); static void Hidebanner (); */};

#include "DomobAd.h" Domobad::D Omobad () {}domobad::~domobad () {}//void domobad::showbanner ()//{//#if (cc_target_ PLATFORM = = cc_platform_android)//jnimethodinfo showbanner;//bool ishave = Jnihelper::getstaticmethodinfo (showBanner , "Org/cocos2dx/cpp/appactivity", "Showbannerstatic", "() V"),//if (!ishave) {//cclog ("jni:showbannerstatic false"); /}//else{////showbanner.env->callstaticvoidmethod (Showbanner.classid, showbanner.methodid);//}//#endif//}// void Domobad::hidebanner ()//{//#if (cc_target_platform = = cc_platform_android)//jnimethodinfo HideBanner;//bool Ishave = Jnihelper::getstaticmethodinfo (Hidebanner, "org/cocos2dx/cpp/appactivity", "Hidebannerstatic", "() V");//if (!ishave) {//cclog ("jni:hidebannerstatic false");//}//else{//cclog ("Jni:hidebannerstatic true");////hidebanner.env-> Callstaticvoidmethod (Hidebanner.classid, hidebanner.methodid);//}//#endif//}void domobad::showinterstitial () {#if (Cc_target_platform = = cc_platform_android) Jnimethodinfo Showinterstitial;bool Ishave= Jnihelper::getstaticmethodinfo (showinterstitial, "org/cocos2dx/cpp/appactivity", "Showinterstitialstatic", "() V") if (!ishave) {Cclog ("jni:showinterstitial false");} Else{cclog ("jni:showinterstitial true"); Showinterstitial.env->callstaticvoidmethod (ShowInterstitial.classID, Showinterstitial.methodid);} #endif}//void domobad::initinterstitial ()//{//#if (cc_target_platform = = cc_platform_android)//jnimethodinfo Initinterstitial;//bool Ishave = Jnihelper::getstaticmethodinfo (initinterstitial, "org/cocos2dx/cpp/AppActivity", " Initinterstitialstatic "," () V "),//if (!ishave) {//cclog (" jni:initinterstitial false "),//}//else{//cclog (" JNI: Initinterstitial true ");////initinterstitial.env->callstaticvoidmethod (Initinterstitial.classid, Initinterstitial.methodid);//}//#endif//}

#ifndef __appmacros_h__#define __appmacros_h__#include "cocos2d.h" #define DESIGN_RESOLUTION_480X320 0#define DESIGN_ resolution_1024x768 1#define design_resolution_2048x1536 2/* If you want-switch DESIGN RESOLUTION, change next line    */#define Target_design_resolution_size design_resolution_480x320typedef struct tagresource{cocos2d::ccsize SIZE; Char directory[100];}  Resource;static Resource Smallresource = {Cocos2d::ccsizemake (480, +), "iphone"};static Resource Mediumresource = {Cocos2d::ccsizemake (1024x768, 768), "ipad"};static Resource Largeresource = {Cocos2d::ccsizemake (2048, 1536), "Ipadh D "}; #if (target_design_resolution_size = = design_resolution_480x320) static Cocos2d::ccsize designresolutionsize = Cocos2d::ccsizemake (480), #elif (target_design_resolution_size = = design_resolution_1024x768) static cocos2d:: Ccsize designresolutionsize = Cocos2d::ccsizemake (1024x768, 768); #elif (target_design_resolution_size = DESIGN_ resolution_2048x1536) Static cocos2d:: Ccsize designresolutionsize = Cocos2d::ccsizemake (2048, 1536); #else #error unknown target design resolution! #endif// The font size is designed for small resolution, so we should change it to fit for current design resolution#define TITL E_font_size (Cocos2d::cceglview::sharedopenglview ()->getdesignresolutionsize (). Width/ SmallResource.size.width *) #endif/* __appmacros_h__ */

</pre><pre name= "code" class= "CPP" >
Add the following code to the Helloworldscene.cpp:
<pre name= "code" class= "CPP" > Ccmenuitemlabel  * closeinterstital=ccmenuitemlabel::create (Cclabelttf:: Create ("Showinterstital", "Helvetica", +), this, Menu_selector (Helloworld::menushowinterstitialcallback));

void Helloworld::menushowinterstitialcallback (cocos2d::ccobject* psender) {    domobad::showinterstitial ();}

The Jnihelper class is provided by Cocos. Detailed use method: Http://<a target=_blank href= " luxiaoyu_sdc/article/details/15874505 "> Click to open Link </a>
</pre><pre name= "code" class= "CPP" style= "FONT-SIZE:13.3333339691162PX;" > next film to continue

cocos2dx-3.1 access to multi-League advertising Sdk+android (2)

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