[Cocos2dx 3.2] cocos2dx3.2, cocos2dx3.2

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[Cocos2dx 3.2] cocos2dx3.2, cocos2dx3.2

  • We hope Cocos2dx can be as easy to use as GameMaker
  • When GM needs a genie, it only needs to be clicked, and C needs to write a bunch of code.
  • It would be nice if we could Imaging various modules of C into GM.
  • When needed, directly enter the corresponding shortcut key and immediately appear
Add short words to sogou Input Method: Common Code modules (continuously updated)
  • When creating a new class, you need to write the create method and init method. The shortcut key is set
// Create a create method, automatically call init and return the main class virtual bool init (); CREATE_FUNC (); // custom create method // static xxx * create (xxx );
  • Click the listener event. The shortcut key is set to click.
// Click Event listening (when you start to press) auto listener = EventListenerTouchOneByOne: create (); listener-> onTouchBegan = [] (Touch * t, Event * e) {// return true causes other listeners to return true;}; ctor: getInstance ()-> getEventDispatcher ()-> addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority (listener, this );
  • Collision listening event. The shortcut key is set to contact.
// Collision listening. The Monitored object must be set to getPhysicsBody ()-> setContactTestBitmask (1); auto contactListener = EventListenerPhysicsContact: create (); contactListener-> onContactBegin = [] (PhysicsContact & contact) {return true ;}; Director: getInstance ()-> getEventDispatcher ()-> contactListener (this );

Why can't I use the sogou Input Method to close the current program when I use it ??

The input method is a program that often hangs on the background. Otherwise, if many files are input and called, the speed will be greatly affected. In the operating system, many programs are often associated with the application in the background, such as sound, networks, devices, and so on, because these functions are often called by the program. therefore, if there are some problems with these functions, the application will be automatically disabled due to call errors.
You try to reinstall this input method.
I want to buy a brand-name mobile phone. The price is around-yuan. You can use a navigation function. It supports sogou input method and a 32-inch screen.

Nokia 5230 is known as the king of cost effectiveness, the fifth version of the operating system, I believe it is not a waste of name, in addition, Nokia 6700S looks beautiful, and the operating system is stable (the third version), Nokia C5 supports GPS navigation, waiting for about 23 days, not bad. Nokia 5630 is easy to use! Hope to adopt it!

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