COCOS2DX Learning Side Summary-opening (I.)

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COCOS2DX is a good open-source cross-platform 2d game engine, and we all know that his bottom layer is based on OpenGL ES, and OpenGL is cross-platform.

It is thanks to this cocos2dx the display part can be very good cross-platform operation, I think the future direction of unification is also GPU rendering interface, it has such a good cross-platform advantages. Why not.

I only learn some simple 3d rendering knowledge in computer graphics class. The electives have done a so-called "3d image Engine" but still stay in the era of fixed rendering pipelines. I understand that COCOS2DX has used a programmable rendering pipeline and allows people using the engine to customize the rendering code. It's an unknown sensation.

Forget to say that I graduated 1.5 more than, is also the fate of the client developed the front-end program ape. COCOS2DX seems to me to have a possibility to develop into a client engine.

I want to be in the next time, 1.1 points to understand the important part of the COCOS2DX source code, and imitation of simple demo to learn while on the blog to summarize the content of the study, I hope that the same interests of the people we communicate with each other.

Ps:cocos2dx in school when he did a game, it is very easy to use, at that time the coding ability is not strong when you can use, thanks to COCOS2DX developers.

COCOS2DX Learning Side Summary-opening (I.)

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