Code Analysis Learning for Discuz (ii) Home file

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If the current address bar has a query character and is a number, the condition is set.
Query character: aaa=bbb is the query character
If the condition is established, the home is assigned to $_env[' Curapp ']; $_env can be understood as a hyper-global array similar to $_get. Here the $_env[' Curapp ' can be understood as the selected entry file.
and passes an array to $_get, the first member of the array specifies the controller name, and the second member formulates a parameter called UID, which is the user ID.

If the conditions here, 127 lines of the IF statement must be false, the following a large number of code is not executed, has jumped to 137 rows, directly loading the portal file.

If the first if statement is False

Cache_domain.php is a system-generated configuration file. The $domain array is declared in the cache_domain.php file.

If $_env[' domain ' is empty, set the currently selected app to Forum (forums), then skip to line 137.
If $_env[' domain ' is not empty

25: Split the current host domain name into an array by the. Number.

27: The acquired domain name is intercepted from the position of the first. For example,, after the cut,

28: If [' Domain '] [' app '] is not empty and is an array, and the domain name currently being accessed is also an item of its array value. The

30: Find the key for the current domain name in the app array as the selected app. For example, the currently accessed domain name is and found in the app array:

Then the value of $_env[' Curapp '] is home.

If the currently selected app is mobile (mobile), $_env[' Curapp ' is reset to forum

If the currently selected app is default or the currently selected app does not exist in the default app array, the currently selected app is assigned a null value.

37: This condition will be established after the root domain name is set and the root domain name is currently being accessed.

44: The conditions of this line do not know under what circumstances will be established. I did it several times. The list array is always empty. The following if statement is not executed, and it is not clear what the list array is for.

74: If the domain name that is currently accessed is a level two domain name, and this level two domain name is not reserved domain name, this condition will be established, the Checkholdmain function is used to check whether it is a reserved domain name.

75: Get the domain name prefix
76: Get root domain Name
77: Load Frame Entry file

This string of code can be seen as an initialization operation. These are the properties of the Discuz_application class.

85: This line of code will query the database through the Table_common_domain class to find the application type of the root domain binding. Fetch_by_domain_domainroot

If the app type is home, how about if the app type is group.

General analysis

Code Analysis Learning for Discuz (ii) Home file

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