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Write code first to understand the object-oriented, not for the machine to write code, more important is the communication, people can read the code is not written by their ideas. Problem, easy to modify.

After all, the code you write as long as the correct machine can generally understand the recognition, but others are not necessarily, it is bound to consider the emergence of anomalies. Starting with the horse soldier teacher, we have to warn you that we have to treat your users as demons, and the devil is not going to use our program as we imagined. This book's defensive programming also reaffirms this, and people make mistakes, and it's no doubt that what matters is how you throw anomalies, control the scope of the errors, and remedy them after making a mistake. Write code, it is bound to write the code beautiful. You look at the article printed in the book, all the text is separated by punctuation, lines and lines have gaps, sections, the layout of these articles, in the code should also have. Indentation, blank lines, and segments in the code not only make the code seem logical, but also aesthetically pleasing. So formatting is important,

Code Encyclopedia (ii)

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