Code for mysql to schedule a stored procedure job

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1. Create a database test1 in mysql

Statement: create database test1

2. Create a table examinfo

Create table examinfo (
Id int auto_increment not null,
Endtime datetime,
Primary key (id)

3. insert data:

Insert into examinfo values ('1', '2017-4-23 23:26:50 ');

4. Create a stored procedure test

Create procedure test ()
Update examinfo SET endtime = now () WHERE id = 1;

5. Create event e_test
Copy codeThe Code is as follows:
Create event if not exists e_test
On schedule every 30 second
On completion preserve
Do call test ();

6. Check whether the event is Enabled: show variables like '% sche % ';
Enable the event plan: set global event_scheduler = 1;
Close event task: alter event e_test on completion preserve disable;
Account Opening event task: alter event e_test on completion preserve enable;

7. Run the query result to display the desired result.

The result is as follows:
Raw data:

Data after a period of query:

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