Code for QTP and ALM

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Function Markcasestatusinalm (Qcserver,qcusername, Qcpassword, Qcdomain, Qcproject, Qctestsetpath, QCTestSetName)

Dim Blnconnect

Set tdconnection = CreateObject ("Tdapiole80.tdconnection")

With Tdconnection
' Create a connection with the QC Server
. Initconnectionex Qcserver

' Login to QC
. Login Qcusername, Qcpassword

' Connect to QC Project
. Connect Qcdomain, Qcproject

End with

Set Tstreemanager = Tdconnection.testsettreemanager
' Return the test set tree node from the specified tree path
Set TSFolder = Tstreemanager.nodebypath (Qctestsetpath)
' Returns the list of test sets contained in the folder that match the specified pattern.
Set tslist = tsfolder.findtestsets (qctestsetname)
If tslist.count = 0 Then

Reporter.reportevent Micfail, "Mark status in ALM", "No Testset in the." & Qctestsetpath
Markcasestatusonalm = False

Isfound = False
For each testset in Tslist
If LCase ( = LCase (Qctestsetname) Then
Isfound = True
Exit for
End If

' If Qctestsetname was wasn't found then exit.
If not Isfound Then
Reporter.reportevent Micfail, "Mark status in ALM", "Testset" & Qctestsetname & "is not found."
' This enables database to update immediately when the field value changes
Testset.autopost = True
' Tstestfactory manages test instances (Tstest objects) in a test set
Set tstestfactory = testset.tstestfactory

' Tstestfactory.newlist (") creates a list of objects according to the specified filter
For each qttest in Tstestfactory.newlist ("")
' Change Test status to N/a
' We do the ' Ensure all tests has ' not run ' before starting execution
' If the execution errors out, we can keep track of the tests that were not run
Qttest.field ("tc_status") = "N/a"

For each qttest in Tstestfactory.newlist ("")

' Runfactory manages Run instances
Set runfactory = qttest.runfactory

' Add A new new Run instance.
Runname = Runfactory.uniquerunname
Runfactory.additem (Runname)

Set runlist = Runfactory.newlist ("")
For each RN in Runlist
If = Runname Then

Set stepfactory = rn. Stepfactory

Set TST = qttest.test
Set DESSTEPF = TST. Designstepfactory
Set dslist = Desstepf.newlist ("")
For each DS in Dslist
Set stp = Stepfactory.additem (Null)
Stp. Field ("St_step_name") =ds. Stepname
Stp. Field ("st_status") = "Passed"
Stp. Field ("st_description") = ds. Stepdescription
Stp. Post


Rn. Status = "Passed"
Rn. Post
End If



Set tdconnection = Nothing
End Function

Code for QTP and ALM

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