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E-Mail has a great effect

  What is an email address?

e-mail, which we usually call email, is a kind of analog post Office, through the e-mail, users and users can carry out information, and this information includes text information, picture files and video files and so on. With the development of Internet technology, the storage and security of e-mail have been greatly improved.

  e-mail format

E-Mail has a separate network domain name, its writing format also has certain requirements. Generally speaking, e-mail format is: User name @ domain name.

e-mail format

  How to write the mailbox format?

Some netizens will say, I understand the format of e-mail, but it is not clear how to write the mailbox format. One thing to note here is that you use a half-width symbol instead of a full-width symbol when you use a plain English e-mail address. This is the main reason why many netizens write e-mail errors.

In addition, several of our commonly used e-mail formats are as follows:

QQ Mail: QQ number (number) @qq. com;

163 mailbox: User name;

126 mailbox: User name;

139 Mailbox: User name;

Sohu mailbox: User name;

Gmail mailbox: User name;

Hotmail mailbox: User name

Overall, the e-mail format How to write this problem is not difficult, is a beginner's knowledge of the computer. Can be said to master the e-mail format How to write, that basic many Internet operations can not be carried out.

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