Code generation has a long way to go

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Yesterday, Kunlun jushi, one of the masters of blue technology, was on the blog site.ArticleDeleted. Sorry! Standing in the window and sighing. I think there must be a reason for this, because the industryCodeThere are a lot of controversies generated. Perhaps Kunlun's brother must have studied this subject with great concentration. He should listen a little bit of nonsense and concentrate on his own things.
I feel that we have a long way to go in the Process of code generation. In fact, software is just a tool. What we need to do is a control tool. Why should we make so many judgments on the tool? Why don't I find my reasons? Maybe, this is what our subconscious influences. However, I believe that the coming of the Code Generation era is the trend of the times, and there will always be too many twists and turns in the process and repetition, so we need to do the mean-use appropriate means to achieve our ultimate goal.
The goal is to achieve it with ambition. I want to generate code for all aspiring people and all experienced people who want to complete their own tasks. Let Ge de say: Go your own way, let people say it!

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