Code generator for the. NET CORE Framework ABP (ABP Code Power Tools) using the documentation

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Hello everyone, another one months did not update the article.

Why, we all know, too busy ~

Near the end of the year, the company's projects, annual meetings to do technical support, colleagues and friends have more frequent meals.
Of course, the video tutorial did not continue to update. My Pot ~

But this month it's time to do something, um. That's what we've been saying. The new version of the ABP code generator, before the code generator everyone said that does not support. NET CORE.
Now this version has finally been supported.
is also the promise of honor.

ABP Code Generator is an ABP (ASP. NET boilerplate) framework that is used to save time in the daily development process and to focus more on the processing of business logic.

You are welcome to use the ABP code Generator, a re-developed generator that supports the. NET Framework and the. Net?core dual version.
The purpose of the code generator is to focus on the development of the business, where the infrastructure is implemented by the code generator, saving everyone's implementation. Realize the situation of improving efficiency and winning together. Welcome to: Https:// Provide your brain hole, if reasonable I will realize oh ~

That's right.

In the group has been measured more than a week of time, but also stable, and finally can be made into a tutorial out to see people.

Support for Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017 Oh how to download:

First open the tools for visual Studio-expand and update the menu bar, see:

Then select the " online" menu bar and search for "ABP" on the right,

We can see there are 4 of tools.
We will briefly explain the following:
ABP Code Generator was developed before, using the scaffolding system can refer to the article: Http://

The ABP code Power Tools is the one that currently supports the. NET Framework and. NET Core.

is also one of the projects that will continue to be updated in the next.

Behind the Abphelper is developed by a foreign person, we are interested in also can use.
The last ASP. NET Zero Power Tools is the ABP's official code generator, powerful, the only problem is to give money .

How to use

As long as the project is an ABP, either the core or the framework version is available.
Open the solution and select the core layer.

We select the "book" Entity file,

using Abp.Domain.Entities;using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;using System.IO;using System.Linq;using System.Text;namespace SmartToken.Persons{  public  class Book:Entity<long>    {               [Required]        [MaxLength(32)]        public virtual string Name { get; set; }        [Required]        [MaxLength(32)]        public virtual string Surname { get; set; }        [MaxLength(255)]        public virtual string EmailAddress { get; set; }    }}

Right-click on the entity file "book"

Expand dialog box

Next, if this is the ABP empty project of the generator, select "First Use code generator", which will help you generate the relevant base class code.

Also select your project version, such as the. NET Core and. NET Framework

Then click OK

Select the field information you want to generate. Click OK.
The following is the generated file information:

Generates the relevant code for the domain layer and the application layer, and includes the following functions:
Domain layer initialization, AutoMapper automatic injection, table additions and deletions, batch deletion, single data modification and other functions.
Basically the same as the previous version of the code generator.

But the function is not enough.
So we're going to say the next thing.

Road Map
    • Generate a Readme manual
    • Perfecting the code of the infrastructure layer
    • Perfect bug
    • Add code snippets for the view layer.

Also welcome to: Https://
Welcome to Star and then present your thoughts and comments.

Now the results

The current version is still 1.0 follow-up to do more iterations. Please wait patiently.

The surprise is that today's most popular list is a bit of an accident. Did everyone go to the new year?

QQ Group: 104390185

Finally, I wish you all:
Happy New Year to everyone.

? - About me-

Code generator for the. NET CORE Framework ABP (ABP Code Power Tools) using the documentation

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