Code-hidden in the language behind the computer--reading notes (a): coding

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1. Closest friends

1) What is encoding? Coding is a way of transmitting information between machines and people, and coding is communication.

2) Morse code, only points and strokes (International distress signal: SOS ...---... ), the disadvantage is case insensitive.

2. Coding & Combination

Morse Code table, can represent letters & numbers & punctuation, also known as binary code, two different things through the appropriate combination, you can represent all types of information

3. Braille Braille & Binary code

In braille Braille, each symbol (letters, numbers, and punctuation marks) used in the written text is encoded as one or more raised points in the 2x3 's Point code unit. The DOT unit contains points that are usually numbered using numbers from 1 to 6. At the same time they will have a dual identity depending on the context.

Escape code: Escape to the encoding string static analysis, into a new analytic mode. Number 6th bump: An uppercase identifier that indicates that the letters after it have been capitalized.

Shift Code: Numeric Identifiers & de-numeric identifiers, from letters to numbers, from numbers to letters, change the encoding meaning of the scope until the end of the scope.

Code-hidden in the language behind the computer--reading notes (a): coding

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