"Code Note" Java repeatedly see the implementation of the project (1)--jtable, TableModel use

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  1. Javax.swing.table.TableModel and javax.swing.JTable
  2. JTable, TableModel is the Java inside the picture form package.
  3. TableModel: Provides table display data, table dimensions, table display data types, column headings, and other properties that the table needs to display
  4. JTable: Provides properties and actions for the table itself, such as table style, row height, background, row check properties, and so on
  5. JTable equivalent to Web pages, models, TableModel equivalent to servers, clothing.
  6. JTable and TableModel are interdependent relationships (equal to B/s mode)
  7. TableModel the role of the server, real data

  8. JTable to show something TableModel provide it, refresh once to request once

  9. Deal with the elimination of logic (algorithm implementation):

    1) The same image can be eliminated

    2) No obstructions can be eliminated in the same row or column

    3) A turning point to eliminate

    4) Two inflection points to eliminate

  10. Look at the project ideas repeatedly:
    1. Build a good form;
    2. Adding JTable Components
    3. Adding TableModel Components
  11. File directory:
  12. Tbaleframe.java
    1  PackageCom.edp.impl;2 3 4 Importjava.awt.FlowLayout;5 6 ImportJavax.swing.JFrame;7 Importjavax.swing.JTable;8 9 /**Ten  *  One  * @authorAdministrator A  * -  */ -@SuppressWarnings ("Serial") the  Public classTableFrameextendsjframe{ -      Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { -         Newtableframe (). Initframe (); -     } +  -     Private voidInitframe () { +          This. SetSize (800,600); A          This. setdefaultcloseoperation (3); at          This. setlayout (NewFlowLayout ()); -         //setting a form cannot change size -          This. setresizable (false); -          This. Setlocationrelativeto (NULL); -          -Mytablemodel MTM =NewMytablemodel (); inJTable table =NewJTable (MTM); -          This. Add (table); to          This. setvisible (true); +          -     } the}

  13. Mytablemodel.java
    1  PackageCom.edp.impl;2 3 ImportJavax.swing.event.TableModelListener;4 ImportJavax.swing.table.TableModel;5 6  Public classMytablemodelImplementsTableModel {7     //Get column type8      PublicClass<?> getColumnClass (intcolumnindex) {9         returnString.class;Ten     } One     //get total number of rows A      Public intGetRowCount () { -         return0; -     } the     //get total number of columns -      Public intgetColumnCount () { -         return0; -     } +     //get table column names -      PublicString getColumnName (intcolumnindex) { +         return NULL; A     } at     //Set cell data -      Public voidsetValueAt (Object Avalue,intRowIndex,intcolumnindex) { -     } -     //Get Cell data -      PublicObject getValueAt (intRowIndex,intcolumnindex) { -         return0; in     } -     //whether the cell is edited to      Public BooleanisCellEditable (intRowIndex,intcolumnindex) { +             return true; -     } the      Public voidRemovetablemodellistener (Tablemodellistener l) {} *      Public voidAddtablemodellistener (Tablemodellistener l) {} $}

"Code Note" Java repeatedly see the implementation of the project (1)--jtable, TableModel use

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